Youth Pipeline Development Programme for IDC Investment

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Youth Pipeline Development Programme

The Youth Pipeline Development Programme aims to improve the readiness of potential applicants and thereby increase their probability for Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) consideration. The IDC in itself is committed to promoting sustainable growth and increasing sector diversity. The IDC promotes regional development, and economic integration including advancing Black Economic Empowerment initiatives, in addition to job creation.

The Youth Pipeline Development Programme offers pre- and post-investment business support to assist youth applications in becoming investment ready, aiding with meeting and satisfying conditions precedent, ensuring the businesses’ long-term sustainability. Youth owned start-up or expansion businesses may apply. The Programme offers support through 50% as a grant and the balance is recovered as a subordinated loan. Prime is repayable after IDC’s normal debt, subordinated in terms of cash-flow and security.

Qualifying Criteria for the Youth Pipeline Development Programme

  • Available to youth-owned businesses;
  • Application must meet IDC sector and funding limits; and
  • Applicant can be start-up or expansion business.
  • Pre-investment Support:
    • Proposal must pass a readiness assessment and in-principle go-ahead from sector SBU Head;
    • To bring an application to bankable stage, including detailed marketing studies, mentoring, technical assessments, sourcing and negotiating with suitable suppliers, costing of products, QS costings, EIAs); and
    • Up to a 6% of the potential investment amount up to a maximum of R500,000.

  • Post Approval Assistance:
    • Pre implementation – for assistance required in meeting/ clearing of CPs (must be specific and be supported by cost estimates, with clear milestones for objectives and skills transfer);
    • Implementation – for in depth mentoring and coaching, and any other business support required for up to 2 years; and
    • Up to 40% of the investment amount or a maximum of R1.5 million.
  • Interventions provided during pre-BA and pre-implementation stages must not take more than 6 months to complete.

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Youth Pipeline Development Programme