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Intended outcomes of the small business strategy

The White paper and Act sets out the objectives of our SMME development policy as:

  • Alleviating poverty, by making it possible for poor people to generate income to meet basic needs;
  • Reducing poverty through employment creation;
  • Redistribution of wealth, income and opportunities; and
  • Contributing to economic growth, by improving innovation and thus competitiveness.

The national small business development strategy also seeks to strengthen cohesion amongst small enterprises and to level the playing field between big and small business.


The mission of the Department of Small Business Development is to focus on enhanced support to small business and cooperatives, with an emphasis on programmes to advance entrepreneurship amongst women, the youth, and people with disabilities to contribute to job creation and economic growth.

The Department’s objectives are to: facilitate the development and growth of small businesses and cooperatives to contribute to inclusive and shared economic growth and job creation through public and private sector procurement; facilitate partnerships with all spheres of government as well as the private sector to ensure mutual cooperation that will benefit small businesses and cooperatives; advocate for a conducive regulatory environment for small businesses and cooperatives to enable access to finance, investment, trade equitable and market access in an and sustainable manner; and facilitate radical economic transformation through increased participation of small businesses and cooperatives in the mainstream economy.

Business development