Your Private Company Registration to Serve Business Interests

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Private Company Registration
Private Company Registration

Your Private Company Registration begins when you think up possible names for your business. Think of four possible names for your (Pty) Ltd, all different from each other. Avoid punctuation as most characters are not allowed. If a name sounds similar to a well-known brand, reject it now as it’s not worth the trial disputing the rights to use it.

Choosing who is going to be in partnership with you is probably one of the biggest decisions that any business owner needs to make. A director manages the business and a shareholder owns it. You will need all information such as residential, business, postal and email addresses and contact numbers; as well as a good digital copy of their ID’s on your computer.

The CIPC likes to see your face clearly and if you send us bad copies or faxed copies, the image may descend into shades of black and white. We will warn you if it could be rejected and will request a better copy for company registration. This might take time for you to retrieve.

Franchises must have a signed, original letter from the owner of the name to register a company with that name. Failure to provide this will cause your name to be rejected.

If you are not registered, you will have to pay personal tax on all your profits. Personal tax has brackets, which basically means the more you earn, the more you pay. If you are successful, your business will very quickly start to pay over 30% of its profits to tax. If you register as a (Pty) Ltd, you will be able to choose how to distribute the profits.

Your Private Company Registration Application

Private Company Registration
Private Company Registration

The first part is filling in the PDF form we send to you. After filling in the form, you will need to provide us with extra documents that we will need before we can register your company. These are the Power of Attorney, ID copies, and proof of payment.

Name Registration

Your four name choices are compared against the national database for similar names. The reason for this is to prevent fraudulent companies, imitating each other, or competitive complications. If the first name is rejected, the CIPC compares the other names. Once your name has been approved, we send all your documents to the CIPC.

Another option is to register a company without a name (just the registration number), which then becomes the name of the company.


Once your company is registered, the completed documents are emailed to us. Your company registration is then complete.

The Companies Act of 2008 provides that no new Close Corporations and non-profit companies could be registered as of 1 May 2011. All existing CC’s company registration are maintained by the CIPC for an indefinite period; if you have a CC, you can still change the names and members.

Private Company Registration
Private Company Registration

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