Wizzit : The Ultimate Banking Solution Provider

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WIZZIT is a Mobile Banking Solution Provider that assists partner Financial Institutions and Service Providers in promoting financial inclusion. Their vision is to financially empower consumers through the creation of a cost-effective mobile payment infrastructure.

WIZZIT has been operating since 2004, cementing their position as global leaders with a team of over 60 professionals. Implementations across three continents with innovative state of the art technology and platforms combined with strategic input and insight makes WIZZIT an internationally sought after partner for financial institutions that wish to make a difference.

While 90% of banking executives believe that change is accelerating towards digital banking ecosystems, only 12.9% say their core systems can support this movement. WIZZIT’s solutions are designed to bridge that gap, with highly customisable, easy-to-integrate solutions that can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

WIZZIT provides:


• Minimal disruption to you and your IT.

• Potential to increase sales by 60%.

• Decrease client acquisition costs by 20%.

• Meet Government pressure for financial inclusion.

• 8 to12 week implementation.

• Tailour made and custom solutions to your needs.

• Mobile Banking and mobile commerce solution for banked and unbanked customers.

• Branch-less Banking and Mobile Banking for previously untapped massive market.

• Solutions that are cost effective.

Services include:

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking offers the following:

• Cost Saving: Mexico saved $1,3 billion moving from cash disbursements to digital.

• Transparency: India had a 47% decrease in bribe demands when they moved to digital disbursements.

• Speed and Security: USA had a 10% reduction in crime in shying away from cash.

• Financial Inclusion: 2 Billion market segment opportunity.

• Economic Development: Increase in GDP by between 0,3 and 0,8%.

Mobile Wallet

The WIZZIT Merchant Platform manages the transaction processing and settlement to merchants. It enables the bank to introduce merchants to a network that can accept mobile phone payments and POS transactions. The WIZZIT Merchant Platform manages the transaction processing and settlement to merchants.

Typical Transactions Supported include:

• Purchases of goods and services;

• Cash in (Deposits);

• Cash out (Withdrawals);

• Money transfer (sending & receiving); and

• Vending of prepaid vouchers.


The WIZZIT Merchant Platform is a unique product that can support the extension of a branch-less banking approach for a bank. It is ideally suited to roll-out a merchant strategy in the informal sector.

Cloud Hosted

The WIZZIT Cloud Hosted Solution gives our clients the ability to link into the proven WIZZIT Platform without the need for investment in infrastructure and IT support resources. WIZZIT Cloud Hosted Solution is a secure cloud hosted environment with over 10 years of experience to provide the optimal solution to banks. It is Cloud Based but integrates securely into the bank’s system to allow for real time transaction processing and reconciliation. It is a distributed system with multiple redundant points in multiple countries providing a platform with no downtime. The platform is built on technology that allows for high concurrent transaction processing.


The WIZZIT Smart ESB is an Enterprise grade service business that is designed specifically with financial institutions and service providers in mind. The WIZZIT Smart ESB is a sophisticated connectivity and transaction management system that allows Banks and other Financial Service Providers to efficiently and quickly increase the functionality and reach of their Digital banking platform. The WIZZIT Smart ESB has been developed over the last 10 years utilising WIZZIT’s extensive experience in Digital Banking. Banks do not want to make changes to their core banking systems to accommodate new functionality but WIZZIT Smart ESB allows integration to new products and services within days as opposed to months.

The WIZZIT Smart ESB connects to the bank channels used by the bank to allow the customers to access their required services. This includes Internet banking, all mobile channels, as well as branches. The ESB then allows all these services to connect to the Value Added Services (VAS) provided by third parties or from within the banks own network.

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