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Treacle Private Equity TriVest is a leading provider of equity for growth capital financing, middle market corporate acquisitions and recapitalisations. Since its founding, TriVest has experienced a huge demand for capital in the early stage sector in Southern Africa, where innovative early-stage and start-up companies often lack the financial, managerial and network resources for expansion and growth.

The company supports their portfolio companies via three pillars: funding, resources and networks, thereby becoming a core strategic growth partner to them.

Treacle Private Equity TriVest

TriVest prefers to invest in quality small to medium sized companies, which possess or promise strong and defendable market positions in growing or fragmented industries. The company always co-invests with company management and pursues transactions which are supported by the management and Boards of Directors of the investee companies.

They also aim to become the preferred sponsor of small to middle market acquisitions. Their mission is to build a track-record of proven closing capabilities and the ability to successfully grow acquired businesses in concert with management.

It pursues investment opportunities which are based in South Africa, but with the potential to achieve scale through expansion within Africa.

TriVest is a member of the South African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (SAVCA) and upholds the industry’s good practice and valuation principles.


TriVest provides equity capital to mid-market private and small cap listed companies in Southern Africa. They partner management and owners to structure and fund the following types of transactions:

  • Management buy-outs
  • Growth, expansion and acquisition finance
  • Recapitalisation and restructuring of balance sheets
  • Development capital for emerging companies
  • Replacement of shareholders
  • Black Economic Empowerment transactions

After investing, the company focuses on delivering a superior service to our investments by providing ongoing strategic marketing input, general business guidance, financial and structuring advice, access to an extensive business network and assistance with employment equity implementation.

The investment bracket is between R10 million – R92 million.

Investments made by Treacle Private Equity TriVest

TriVest focuses primarily on three industries (Healthcare incl. Biotech; Renewable Energies; and Security) in order to reduce complexity in their portfolio.

They select businesses whose market position is strong and can be protected from new or unexpected competition. The firm has particular interest in acquiring companies in fragmented industries. Successful acquisition and growth financing candidates usually possess the following characteristics:

  • Talented and committed management team
  • Strong and defendable market positions
  • Scalability
  • A product line with extended life cycles and low obsolescence risk
  • Sustainable and above average operating profit margins (>25% in Retail and Manufacturing, >50% in Services)

TriVest’s primary focus is to invest in businesses which require capital for internal expansion, retaining management and providing strategic, organisational and network resources.

TriVest also provides equity for and organizes the acquisition of privately-held or smaller public companies, as well as subsidiaries or divisions of larger business enterprises. The management team of the acquired entity will typically have a meaningful investment and a performance-based compensation plan.

It will provide funds for thinly capitalised businesses, or for purposes of deleveraging highly geared balance sheets. They can also act in situations where an existing shareholder is being replaced.

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