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Business services cover numerous sectors. They range from technical services such as engineering, architecture and IT, to other professional services such as legal services, employment services, and facility management. Thinking of starting a new, expanding your current, or purchasing an existing Service business and need a professional Service Business Plan developed? Dream Team Capital can assist!

A well-developed business plan can help determine; whether your business has a chance of making a good profit. It provides an estimate of your start-up costs, how much you need to invest or finance, and convince investors and lenders to fund your business.

Core elements of an effectively structured Service Business Plan include:

•Executive summary: This is an overview of your business and plans. It summarises the key points of the business plan and is 1 to 2 pages.

•Business description and structure: This is where you explain the business and what you’re selling. If you sell products, describe your manufacturing process, availability of materials, how you handle inventory and fulfillment, and operational details. If you provide services, describe them and their value proposition to customers. Include details such as strategic relationships, administrative issues, intellectual property, expenses, and the legal structure of your company.

•Company and management summary: This chapter describes your current team and future additions to it.

•Financial plan: A financial forecast is vitally important in a business plan. It includes the financial realities and goals of the business. Dream Team Capital will tell you what to include in your financial plan.

•Financial projections: Documents including the business management account, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, cash forecast, break even analysis, loan amortisation schedule, and fixed asset schedule. Ratios, graphs, and calculations are included.

•Annexes: Contain statutory information that compliments the business plan. Annexures are required by funders in an application (contact us for the complete list).

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We understand the complexities of the criteria and requirements for a custom and accurate business plan. Our developments are often used to create a vision for businesses, secure funding, secure non-repayable business grants, attract team members and/or manage the company. Whether you are using the document to raise funding or non-repayable business grants, we guide you through the process and provide access to our network of funders across South Africa.

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