SEFA / The Small Enterprise Finance Agency

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sefaSEFA / The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SOC) Ltd was established in April 2012 as a result of the merger of South African Micro Apex Fund, Khula Enterprise Finance Ltd and the small business activities of IDC. With a footprint of 9 offices around the country.  Their mandate is to foster the establishment, survival and growth of SMMEs and Co-operatives, and thereby contributing towards poverty alleviation and job creation.  The facilities range from a minimum of R50 000 to a maximum of R5 million.

SEFA offers:

SEFAAsset Finance

Bridging Finance

Revolving Loans

Term Loans


There is a growing general concern that the majority of people living with disabilities in South Africa are excluded from the mainstream society and have thus been prevented from accessing fundamental social and economic rights. This has resulted in high levels of poverty and unemployment among this community.  As an all-inclusive economic development catalyst, sefa has designed a scheme solely for entrepreneurs with disabilities. The scheme is called the Amavulandlela Scheme.

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SEFA Vision:

Their vision is to be the leading catalyst for the development of sustainable SMMEs and Co-operatives through the provision of finance.

SEFA Mission:

Their vision is to provide access to finance in an efficient and sustainable manner to SMMEs and Co-operatives throughout South Africa by:

  • Providing loan and credit facilities to SMMEs and Co-operatives;
  • Providing credit guarantees to SMMEs and Co-operatives;
  • Supporting the institutional strengthening of Financial Intermediaries so that they can be effective in assisting SMMEs and Co-operatives;
  • Creating strategic partnerships with a range of institutions for sustainable SMME and Co-operative development and support;
  • Developing (through partnerships) innovative finance products, tools and channels to speed up increased market participation in the provision of affordable finance; and
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of our financing, credit guarantee and capacity development activities.

SEFA provides the following loan products:

Start-loans: Loans offered through Direct-Lending to survivalist non-financial co-operatives for working capital e.g. for small orders from government departments, municipalities and private sector.

Business Loans: Loans offered through Direct Lending to all types of co-operatives for funding enterprise projects e.g. purchasing production machinery etc. and working capital.

On-lending loans: Loans offered through Wholesale Lending to Financial Co-operatives and Co-operative Banks to on-lend to their members.

Institutional Strengthening: SEFA provides the following institutional strengthening support : R500, 000 grant for Financial Co-operatives start-ups aimed at subsiding operational costs. And mentorship is provided to non-Financial Co-operatives. This is an indirect expenditure as it is paid directly to the Mentor.