Retail Capital to Catapult your Business Venture

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Retail Capital provides an innovative way of obtaining working capital for South African small and medium companies, as an alternative to traditional bank lending.

Retail Capital

Retail Capital focuses on providing alternative lending solutions for small and medium sized businesses. To qualify for financing your business must have been operational for at least six months, and you need to meet turnover criteria of R50 000 to R5 million monthly with 3 to 6 months continuous turnover (with bank statements). The financial instruments they offer are Cash Advance.

Funds are made available within 48 hours once your application is approved and funding amounts are tailoured to each business’ requirements. Retail Capital offers flexible payment options – you can opt for a fixed amount or a percentage of your turnover.

Retail Capital is well suited for businesses in a range of sectors, including, restaurant, retail, wellness and medical industries. Retail Capital is also known for the free insights and tools they provide business owners, including industry insights and access to other SME services through their partner networks.


Funding can be attained in 3 steps (Online);

Step 1– Get a Free Quote

Check online if you qualify with a fast, obligation-free quote, in an easy, effortless way. There is no commitment involved.

Step 2– Apply for Funding Online

Apply in minutes. Create a profile, tell us about your business, link your banking account through TruID, or upload your banking statements to our secure Client Zone – and you are done.

Step 3– Get Business Funding

Get funds in your account within 48 hours. With transparent costs that are easy to understand, you know upfront what your payments will be.


Retail Capital offers funding for sectors including;

• eCommerce;

• Medical, Health and Wellness;

• Manufacturing;

• Automotive;

• Home, Office & Supplies; and

• Hospitality. 

Contact us – for more information & assistance.