Retail Capital

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Retail Capital provides funding based on the average turnover of your business and therefore your business needs to be trading for more than 6 months. The company will provide you with funding where flexible repayment options are determined by your business performance.


Retail Capital

Retail Capital was established in South Africa in 2011 to provide SME business owners with an alternative to bank loans. As the market leader and a proud partner of entrepreneurs, they have advanced over R1.2 billion to more than 5000 businesses, including restaurants, retailers and beauty salons. Their innovative business friendly funding is easily accessible and funds are available within 5 days.

Each advance is tailored to the needs of the business and no security is required. A business owner with a monthly turnover of more than R30 000 qualifies.

Retail Capital will transfer a cash lump sum into your business’ bank account in exchange for a percentage of your future turnover, which will be paid to Retail Capital until the agreed amount is paid back. The repayment options are flexible and can be fixed or match the cash flow cycles of your business.

The use of funds are unrestricted. As a business owner, you know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are and you can use the funds to grow your business. The application process is quick and easy and your business can receive funds within 3 days of submitting a complete application.

There is no security or collateral required, so your assets are not tied up in funding your business. Also, the repayment options ensure flexibility in managing cash flow as the repayment is agreed upon and based on the performance of your business. Since the payments are directly tied to your business’ turnover, you don’t need to worry about making payments or missing deadlines.


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The funding is unrestricted which means business owners can use the funding for whatever needs they may have, such as working capital, stocking up for a busy period, advertising, remodelling, expansion, paying taxes and more.

Each business is different and the advance is tailored to suit your business. The amount of funding you receive is determined based on your monthly turnover and therefore our business consultants will assist you in your application to ensure you qualify for the maximum amount.

Repayments are based on an agreed percentage of your turnover. This percentage is paid over daily or weekly until the entire amount due is collected. This saves you from worrying about making payments and missing deadlines so you can focus on running your business.

Any registered business that has been trading for at least 6 months can qualify.

Business owners who do not have a perfect credit rating or collateral to offer are still able to get approved and receive funding. Because the funding is dependent on future business turnover, personal credit history is not considered as much as when applying for small business loans from banks.


At DTC we understand the complexities of the various funding agencies and the unique application criteria for each. We have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs through the application process to access funding for businesses, and we can assist you with the same.

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