Operation Vula Fund for Sustainable SMMEs and Co-operatives

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Operation Vula Fund is a grant funding scheme initiated by the Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA). The aim of the Fund is to ensure that adequate support is afforded towards the development and promotion of sustainable emerging enterprises, including Co-operatives and SMMEs. The programme enables Co-operatives and SMMEs owned by women, youth, and individuals living with disabilities to become preferred suppliers. The Fund, in this way, transforms the patterns of economic ownership by bringing in previously marginalised groups into the mainstream economy. It also allows them to access funding for skills training and marketing. For assistance with developing a comprehensive application and access to the Fund…do not hesitate to get in touch with DTC.

Parameters of the Fund:

  • Tier 1 funding applications are below R50 000.00.
  • Tier 2 funding applications are from R50 000.01 to R300 000.00.
  • Tier 3 funding applications are from R300 000.01 to R2 000 000.00.

Operation Vula Fund

Key Sectors of the Operation Vula Fund

  • Agriculture and Agribusiness – crops, livestock, poultry, horticulture, dairy farming, and forestry.
  • Aquaculture Development – breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants.
  • Blue Economy – maritime and related fields.
  • Creative Industry – visual arts, like painting. Crafts, such as weaving, jewellery-making, Film, TV, animation, visual effects, video, radio, and photography.
  • Green Economy – renewable energy, recycling, biomass, freshwater, forestry, and fisheries.
  • Manufacturing – textile, clothing, footwear, leather, pulp, paper and furniture, chemicals, and detergents.
  • Mining and Mineral Beneficiation – aluminium, coal, iron, steel, phosphates, and mineral sands.
  • Retail – fuel, food, clothing, and tuck-shops.
  • Science, Technology and Innovation – ICT and research, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Tourism & Hospitality – accommodation, adventure, sport, cultural tourism, restaurant, events, and catering.
  • Transport and Logistics – Warehousing, courier and express, land transportation, container, and packaging.
  • Other – security, construction, services, driving school, and crèche.
Operation Vula Fund
Operation Vula Fund

Completed applications must be submitted at the EDTEA Head Office at 270 Jabu Ndlovu Street, Pietermaritzburg or at the EDTEA District Offices.

For more information on the Fund – Contact Dream Team Capital