National Lotteries Commission Improving South African Livelihoods

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The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) of South Africa is the only National Regulator for lotteries and sports pools. The NLC regulates the National Lottery Operator, Society lotteries, Private Lotteries, and Lotteries Incidental to exempt entertainment. The Commission ensures that the interest of all participants in lotteries are protected and ensures that all lotteries are conducted with due propriety. The NLC monitors and regulates the running of various lottery competitions, including those organised by non-profit organisations to raise funds and by companies to promote their goods and services.

The National Lotteries Commission also serves as a grant funder. The Commission provides registered Non Profit Organisations with funding to establish projects that improve the lives of everyday South Africans. Grant funding offered through the Commission mainly focuses on areas that require support to spark growth and change within impoverished communities. Dream Team Capital can assist you with developing a comprehensive application to access grant procurement, in any of the below mentioned sectors.

National Lotteries Commission

Sub-Sectors of the National Lotteries Commission

National Lotteries Commission

Arts, Culture, and Heritage

The NLC promotes the preservation and development of arts, culture, and heritage to empower communities to help themselves and enable artists to showcase their work internationally. This sector funds the development of the arts, the preservation of South African culture, and national heritage. National heritage includes natural environmental heritage, as well as historical, and architectural heritage.

The Arts application pack can be downloaded on the National Lotteries Commission website.

Sport and Recreation

The NLC has injected over R4-billion into the development of sport and recreation over the last 16 years. The Commission is committed to sports development from grassroots level, and to building a winning nation.

Equity, access, and development are key themes in this sector. The Commission accepts applications from national sporting bodies, regional bodies, local sports clubs, recreational clubs, and schools.

The Sport and Recreation sector application pack can be downloaded on the National Lotteries Commission website.


The NLC acts a catalyst for eradicating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa. It channels 47% of its annual budget for distribution of funds to a range of good causes. The Charities Sector receives the largest share of funds and covers a wide range of organisations in the social welfare, community health, literacy, and social development fields.


The fourth category of funding from the Commission is for Miscellaneous Purposes. This category allocates 2% of the fund for disbursement to applicants who meet the requirements. The members of the Board serve as the distributing agency for the Miscellaneous Purposes category of funding.

Applications to the Miscellaneous Purposes category are only considered from non-profit organisations, whose activities or projects fall outside the mandate of the Distributing Agencies for Arts, Culture and National Heritage, Charities, and Sport and Recreation.

There is no public call for applications and therefore applicants may apply at any time. However, applicants must ensure that there is a sufficient period between the submission of the application and the commencement of the project.

Applicants must Submit;

  • Application Form For 1st Time Applicants; and
  • Application For A Grant In Terms Of The Lotteries Act.

(The forms can be downloaded on the National Lotteries Commission website)

For more information on grant funding through the National Lotteries Commission – Contact DTC