Mzansi Golden Economy Illuminating Sport, Arts, and Culture

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Mzansi Golden Economy

Launched by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, the Mzansi Golden Economy strategy was established with the mandate to increase economic growth and to create jobs in the country. The strategy considers the arts, culture, and heritage sector as the “new gold” which has the potential to reposition the sector as a key market player in South Africa’s economic development. With this grant, the Department aims to advance closer towards its vision of an active, creative, winning, and socially cohesive nation.

The focus areas within this programme consist of the Public Art Programme, Cultural Events, the Art Bank, and the Sourcing Enterprise. Workstreams withing the programme includes cultural events, public art, and touring ventures.

Objectives of the MGE

  • Stimulate Demand: the result will be the expansion of supply and work opportunities. The focus areas within this programme will consist of the Public Art Programme, Cultural Events, the Art Bank, and the Sourcing Enterprise.
  • Audience Development and Consumption: Building on existing initiatives, the aim of this programme is to elevate projects into large scale national programme to develop audiences for the creative and cultural industries and increase consumption of the offerings of the sector.
  • Building Heritage Resources: Development of areas of heritage to change the colonial and apartheid bias of heritage exhibition and interpretation in the country. The three focus areas are Heritage Projects, the National Liberation Heritage Route, and Marine Heritage.
  • Information Gathering: To collect evidence and analyse the performance of the sector to inform policy shifts and guide future resource allocation.
  • Human Capital Development: Focusing on the early identification and development of talent and influencing choice of career path. The focus areas include the Arts Education and National Cultural Industries Skills Academy.

Assistance from the Mzansi Golden Economy is Provided Based on:

  • The current needs and emerging challenges of the arts, culture, and heritage sectors;
  • Funding is based on the merits of the submitted applications;
  • Applications are reviewed for eligibility and completeness and no applicant is automatically entitled to funding; and
  • Support is provided to projects implemented from April 2024 to March 2025.

All submissions are through the MGE online portal. The applicant must have; accessed the e-services portal, with a valid email address, a valid RSA ID, and a valid cell phone number.

Mzansi Golden Economy

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