Musa Capital for Unmissable Business Transformation

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Musa Capital is a diversified trading and operating company with products and services for areas central to the transformation of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, including private equity and corporate finance. Musa Capital provides investment advisory services and private equity investing, property development and structured finance.

Musa Capital is a successful boutique investment bank that also operates out of South Africa. The company has roots in New York City and Boston.

Musa Capital Established in 1995, the company was founded by American partners. The company focuses on the African continent, predominantly in Sub-Saharan Africa, seeking to acquire companies and assets that are at a significant discount to market valuations. The firm targets industries including mining and mining services, financial services, retail and consumer goods, construction, renewable energy and agri-business. In being a hub of African investment, the company has people across the continent, including Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana.

Musa Capital is founded on two divisions; with the first offering services in an advisory role. In this division, the company primarily works with corporate or state-owned investors from Africa and globally. This side of the business is centred on fundraising for different projects including business acquisitions or project finance.

The advisory side of the business sees clients at an average size of approximately US$50 million, however the company has had projects that has reached as high as a US$3 billion project to fund the construction of a pipeline in South Sudan. When it comes to the private equity aspect of the business, the focus is on small-to-mid sized businesses.

The second division of the business is private equity. The company helps to manage assets and private equity funds for a variety of local and global investors. Musa Capital will work under its own mandate to make direct investments in unlisted businesses throughout Africa.

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