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An independent financial services company, that has been steadily growing its business across the financial services sector. Merchant West offers specialised business finance and advisory services. Services inspired by a fresh, innovative and customised approach to age-old business challenges. Merchant West is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, but with a difference. They strive to bring about flexible, innovative solutions, customised to our clients’ needs.



  1. The Commercial Asset Finance (CAF) division transacts with end-user clients and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships. Their involvement is broad in scope and includes a variety of personalised services aimed at structuring the best possible business arrangement for customers.

Their flexibility results in payments being structured to meet client’s production cycle thus ensuring expenses are in line with client’s income by enhancing the internal return on assets. The financial solutions offered for this are; Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease, Instalment Sale and Sale and Lease-Back.

  1. These divisions enable Merchant West to offer customized financing options to create value and support the growth and ambitions of our partners and customers. The Asset Finance specialists can make decisions quickly and release funds within hours of an agreement being concluded and meeting compliance standards.

The financial solutions offered for this are; Rentals, Managed Service Agreements, Managed Print Services, Cost-Per-Copy Agreement and Public Sector Finance.

  • The Office Automation Asset Finance Division
  • The IT Asset Finance Division
  1. The Broker or Intermediary has the ability to source the best product, at the right price and facilitate the transaction, on behalf of the Customer, by integrating the relationships between the Customer and the Funder, being Merchant West Broker Division, as business partners.
  1. Merchant West insures:

  • Computer Equipment
  • Computer Software
  • PABX
  • CCTV
  • Commercial Motor and Motor Fleets
  • Plant
  • Marine
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Aviation

Qualifying Criteria

  • Your business needs to be under the same management for a minimum of 3 years
  • Your business needs to be in operation for a minimum of 3 years
  • Yearly Turnover needs to exceed R2 million, have a Net Asset Value of more than R 500 000 and profit making for 2 consecutive years
  • Consumer Protection Act business will be considered on a very selective basis
  • Credit Bureau Ratings must be in good standing (Business and Management)
  • South African Registered Entities with a footprint across borders


  1. Working Capital Solutions purchases the client’s full Debtors Book, and the client cedes the rights and claim to the underlying debt to Working Capital Solutions. Based on the composition of this Debtors Book, Working Capital Solutions can advance up to 80% of this Debtors Book in the form of a revolving working capital facility. This facility is confidential – the debtors in the Book are not notified of the cession of the debt, or the existence of the facility.
  1. The client identifies one or a few specific Debtors to include in the facility.

Working Capital Solutions purchases the current and future invoices raised to these Debtors, and the client cedes the rights and claim to the underlying debt to Working Capital Solutions.

Working Capital Solutions will advance up to 80% of the outstanding invoices, provided the invoices are accompanied by Proof of Delivery/Performance.

  1. Purchase Order Finance can only be offered to a client if there is a form of guaranteed local off-take – this can be in the form of a Full Book Invoice Discounting Facility, a Single Invoice Discounting Facility, or an Asset Finance Agreement.

Working Capital Solutions can pay the client’s suppliers on the client’s behalf, according to the payment and INCO terms stipulated by the suppliers. These payments are only made on the back of confirmed Purchase Orders from the client’s Approved Debtors, or an Asset Finance client.

Qualifying Criteria

  • You operate in the business-to-business sector and sell on credit terms with either a well spread debtors book or with a few large Blue Chip debtors.
  • Your business has been in existence for 3 years or more.
  • Your business must be solvent and profitable.
  • Your business turnover is greater than R30 000 000.
  • You have large orders that have a guaranteed offtake and need financial assistance.


Merchant West Capital Market’s division operates across multiple treasury asset classes and have been assisting SMEs and Corporates since 2002.

  1. Providing customers with a unique product.
  2. Offering of preferential forex rates, core cash management and short term credit facilities.
  3. Forward Exchange Contracts (FEC’s) allow customers to enter into an agreement with a bank to secure a specified exchange rate for a specified amount of foreign currency for a specific date in the future.
  4. The opportunity for customers to participate alongside Merchant West Capital Markets in forex positions with a view of maximising potential gains and limiting potential losses. It is a high risk, high return partnership with the aim of profit sharing.
  5. Offshore allowances provide a mechanism for individuals to transfer their funds offshore by utilising either of the following in order to invest in various offshore portfolios including investments, property or bank accounts.
  6. An opportunity to invest surplus funds in a competitive and effective money management system through the use of a comprehensive online system. Fixed and Floating Options available


This product offers vehicle USAGE WITH MAINTENANCE, Insurance, Roadside Assistance and no risk of ownership. The Client carries NO maintenance risk except for cases of driver abuse. It also considers rentals for clients who do not qualify for traditional bank finance.

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