The Masisizane Fund

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The Masisizane Fund

Masisizane, meaning ‘let us help each other’…the Masisizane Fund has a specific focus on black youth, women, and individuals with disabilities. The Masisizane Fund is a non-profit funding entity that provides enterprise development to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) This is done through two mian channels namely Developing Financing and Business Support. The mission of the Fund includes contributing significantly to job creation that, in turn, contributes to poverty eradication in South Africa. This is achieved through enterprise financing, encouraging entrepreneurship and capacity development, thereby contributing to the sustainability of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs). The work of the Fund is concentrated in under-developed areas of South Africa, including rural areas, small towns, and townships, where businesses are usually perceived as high-risk and struggle to secure finance through traditional channels.

The Masisizane Fund provides customised funding solutions, market access facilitation, post investment support including capacity building, financial education and many other value adding interventions. The funding support is executed through numerous instruments (working capital, asset finance, short term funding, and business acquisition) Sectors to apply for funding include, to name a few, agriculture, franchising, supply chain, and tourism.

The Fund strongly believes that these enterprises can ignite local economies in creating jobs and kick-starting smaller, associated businesses. The Fund drives Enterprise Development to SMMEs through a combination of loan financing and non-financial business support. Post-investment support, monitoring, and support to funded enterprises are provided. The fund has a proven-track record of implementing value-adding support for SMEs through its collaborative and bespoke approach to advisory, funding and growth solutions for South African entrepreneurs.

The fund is expected to create long-term wealth and economic opportunities for black entrepreneurs, spark much-needed economic stimulation in townships, rural and peri-urban areas and assist companies accelerate their transformation commitments and goals. Dream Team Capital can assist with the necessary developments for attaining funding and provide access to the Masisizane Fund and other funders across South Africa!

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