List of Main Funding Institutions in South Africa

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list of main funding institutions in south africa

The are various financial institutions in South Africa that provide access to funding. By accessing these funds from the various financial institutions in South Africa and leveraging the expertise of organisations such as Dream Team Capital, entrepreneurs can overcome financial barriers, fuel growth, and contribute to economic development and job creation in the country. DTC can provide professional assistance, delving deeper into the list of main funding institutions in South Africa.

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) and its subsidiary agencies promote economic development, Black Economic Empowerment, implement commercial law, promote and regulate international trade, and consumer protection.

The DTIC provides financial support to qualifying companies in various sectors of the economy to increase industrial competitiveness, broadening the enterprise participation in the economy. Financial support is offered for various economic activities, including manufacturing, business competitiveness, export development, and market access.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a self-financing, state-owned national development finance institution, with its primary objectives being to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in Africa, and to the economic empowerment of the South African population, thereby promoting the economic prosperity of all citizens.

The IDC aims to achieve these objectives of promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles. The IDC funds start-up and existing businesses up to a maximum of R1 billion.

A Comprehensive List of the Main Funding Institutions in South Africa

Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA)

The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa) provides development finance to SMMEs and Co-operatives that are not able to attract commercial credit. The agency provides loans directly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and cooperatives operating in all sectors of the economy. The facilities range from a minimum of R50 000 to a maximum of R15-million.

The agency assists in the following sectors:

  • Services (including retail and wholesale trades and tourism);
  • Manufacturing (including agro-processing);
  • Agriculture (specifically land reform beneficiaries and contract-farming activities);
  • Construction (small construction contractors);
  • Mining (specifically small-scale miners); and
  • Green industries (renewable energy, waste and recycling management).

National Empowerment Fund (NEF) 

The NEF provides funds to black entrepreneurs and groups, with the aim of facilitating access to finance in support of Broad-Based Empowerment in line with government legislation. Funding instruments include term loans, quasi equity, and equity finance.

The key criteria for access to the NEF include:

  • BEE applicants should be actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business;
  • Minimum black ownership of 50.1% is a requirement;
  • Business and/or industry experience by black entrepreneurs is also considered;
  • The NEF reserves the right to oblige applicants to participate in the NEF mentorship programme where there is lack of business and/or Industry experience;
  • The business should be able to repay NEF’s investment;
  • Funding Instruments include term-loans, shares and other structures with ordinary share characteristics;
  • NEF funding is charged at prime linked interest rates;
  • Business must have a clear value-add with a sound business case;
  • Maximum NEF funding is R10 million; and
  • The NEF will exit from the investment in 5 to 7 years.

KZN Growth Fund

The KZN Growth Fund targets projects and investments across various sectors in the province with the exception of residential property and sin industries (tobacco, gambling). The Growth Fund targets infrastructure related projects R30 million and above.

The fund finances projects from the following priority sectors:

  • Telecommunications;
  • Power and energy;
  • Transport and logistics;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Mining and mineral benefaction;
  • Health and education;
  • Agro-processing and tourism; and
  • Any other sector, which may promote the objectives of the Fund, provided it satisfies the investment policy of the Fund.

Business Partners

Business Partners is one of the leading business loan providers for viable small to medium businesses. The institution structures unique, individualised financing solutions using shareholder loans, equity, royalties and term loans, or any combination of these. Loan financing is provided from R500 000 to R50 million to all business owners who have a viable, formal business and require finance for expansion, working capital, equipment, takeovers, property, franchises, or management buy-outs.

Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)

The Technology Agency (TIA) is a national public entity that serves as the key institutional intervention to bridge the innovation chasm between research and development in higher education institutions, science councils, public entities, the private sector, and commercialisation.

As specialists in business finance, DTC can assist in managing and implementing the finance process for SMMEs. We have South Africa’s largest network of finance partners that include venture capital companies, private equity firms, government BEE initiatives, banks, angel funds, crowd funds, Silicon Cape investment companies and rent to own funding initiatives for your business funding needs.

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