Inspired Evolution Investment Management

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Inspired Evolution is a leading specialised African investment advisory business. It is dedicated to bespoke climate-driven investment themes namely clean energy infrastructure, energy access, and energy and resource efficiency.

Inspired Evolution

Established in 2007, Inspired Evolution’s African advisory platform prioritises investment-grade countries identified through the application of rigorous composite market, regulatory and bankability criteria.

The company is an Authorised Financial Services Provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 with offices in Cape Town, South Africa and regional offices in London, Mauritius and Nairobi. Inspired Evolution offers a dedicated team, with a proven track record in leading clean energy infrastructure-type development and project finance investments, as well as energy and resource efficiency growth investments across sub-Saharan Africa.

They adopt comprehensive global impact guidelines and active ESG investment principles for application across all their investment opportunities, recognising that their focus does much to improve the quality of life of communities across the continent, whilst protecting its natural environment. The company identifies and invests in scalable and captivating commercial opportunities across clean energy and environmental growth industries.

Inspired Evolution

Evolution I

Established in 2008, the Evolution I Fund was Africa’s first dedicated clean energy infrastructure and environment sector fund. Evolution I is a 10-year closed-ended fund with USD 90 million in commitments and a mandate for equity and equity-related investments into these two principal investment themes. Evolution I’s investment jurisdiction was the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region but with a target of a minimum 65% to South Africa. Evolution I had made 12 investments. Evolution I achieved top-quartile investment performance for equivalent 2008 vintage specialised funds similar in nature.

Evolution II

Evolution II is a 2017 vintage 10-year closed-ended fund with USD 216 million in commitments and a mandate for equity and equity-related investments into two principal investment streams. These include development and project finance infrastructure-type investments in clean and sustainable energy; and growth equity investments in energy and resource efficiency companies, and the value chains that support them. Evolution II targets sub-Saharan African countries where growth prospects, ease of doing business, policy and regulatory certainty, and political stability and bankability offer enthralling opportunities for investment.

The fund contributes to addressing the growing need to replace aging and inefficient carbon-intensive power plants as well as contribute to building least-cost, low-carbon clean and sustainable energy generation capacity to address the estimated 130 GW suppressed demand across sub-Saharan Africa’s high-growth countries. Evolution II will also contribute to the need for improved energy and resource efficiency measures across business activities that span core sectors in sub-Saharan Africa. These sectors are experiencing growing energy and resource insecurity. Within this changing resource landscape, the responsible distribution of capital to companies that are ‘doing more with less’ is a compelling private equity growth story.

Evolution III

The Fund targeted late 2022 for release, as their Evolution III Net Zero funds represent a refined offering in response to the increasing sophistication and stratification of Africa’s energy landscape and their team’s knowledgeable insights and experience as one of Africa’s pioneering investment advisors to ensure they remain ahead of the curve.

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