Inspired Evolution Investment Management

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Inspired Evolution Investment Management is a specialised investment management business founded in 2007, and is an Authorised Financial Services Provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 with offices in Cape Town, South Africa and regional offices in London, Mauritius and Nairobi.

Inspired Evolution offers a dedicated team with a proven track record in leading clean energy infrastructure-type development and project finance investments, as well as energy and resource efficiency growth investments across sub-Saharan Africa. The company offers measured and sustainable development outcomes across their portfolio of fund investments using a suite of composite best-practice international indicators relevant to their specialised investment themes.


Inspired Evolution Investment Management

Inspired Evolution provides dedicated investment advisory services, including  proprietary sourcing of investment opportunities; evaluating and recommending bankable investments; advising on customized structuring; integrating best-in-class ESG investment management policies and procedures; focusing on active management and post-investment value creation; and advising on a broad range of exit strategies.


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The venture capital firm specialises in start up, early stage, mid venture, late venture, later stage, growth capital, bridge financing, PIPES, buyouts in mature middle market small, medium-sized, and large companies. It does not invest in angel and seed stages and also in sectors such as tobacco, alcohol, gaming, fixed asset (property), defense, and select environmental categories.

The firm seeks to make equity investment between $1.4 million and $14 million in companies with enterprise values between $1.34 million and $15 million. It prefers to be a lead investor. The firm seeks to take a board seat in its portfolio companies. It acquires significant minority or controlling equity and equity-related stakes in investee companies and projects. The firm also provides advisory services. It is committed to BEE in philosophy and practice.


Investments made by Inspired Evolution Investment Management

Clean and Sustainable Energy

Power and electricity generation infrastructure based on commercially-proven clean technologies that comprise renewable (wind, solar pv, solar thermal, geothermal, hydropower) and sustainable energy (biomass, biogas and cogeneration), and the value chains that support them.

The firm invests at an earlier stage in the process (pre-bankable stage) where warranted through access to complimentary seed capital facilities. It seeks to invest in green industries, cleantech investments across new energy and environment markets including clean energy generation; water purification; waste management; and efficient production technology, renewable energy, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, biofuel, manufacturing, pollution and waste management, green chemistry, transportation, and agribusiness.

The firm also seeks to invest in sustainable agriculture, natural health, ecotourism, sustainable settlements, and green real estate. It prefers to invest in Southern African Development Community countries with a focus on Southern and South Africa. This excludes natural gas and primary fossil fuels like coal and oil, as well as discard coal as a fuel source.

Wiser resource use through the adoption and deployment of resource efficient technologies by businesses, their products and/or services, which results in ‘doing more with less’ and thereby contributing to alleviating pressure on Africa’s natural resource base.


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