Imbewu Capital Partners

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Imbewu Capital Partners is a black-owned and managed private equity and investment holding company. The company invests, structures, and raises funding for management buy outs, leveraged buy outs, and strategic Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transactions in partnership with management teams and shareholders.

Founded in 2005, Imbewu Capital Partners, has a track record of leading and managing sophisticated equity transactions and consortiums. The company is further strengthened by its non-executive directors who collectively have operated at the highest level in business and have harmonious skills and networks.

The firm however, does not invest in seed, start-up and other early stages. It invests R1 million in companies with enterprise values above R100 million. It seeks to participate in the sub committees of the Boards of its portfolio companies and prefers to take a stake between of 25% to 45%. The firm seeks to invest through their own balance sheet.

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Imbewu partners with zestful management teams and invests in businesses with:

  • sound business models;
  •  strong cash flows;
  •  sustainable growth;
  •  enterprise values over R 100 million; and
  •  where the firm can add value.

Imbewu adds value to underlying investments through:

  •  Providing strategic input, including independent assessment of the future strategy of the business;
  •  Providing assistance where appropriate with the growth acquisition strategy, by identifying, assessing, negotiating, structuring and acquiring potential businesses that are complimentary to the investee company;
  •  Negotiating with potential financiers when raising capital to fund growth;
  •  Ensuring that the business has an applicable capital structure to maximise returns;
  •  Introducing and implementing corporate governance recommendations and guidelines;
  •  Assisting in formulating and the implementation of the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) strategy;
  •  Unlocking business opportunities with clients that require strong BEE credentials; and
  •  Sourcing qualified black candidates to fill positions available for Employment Equity (EE) candidates.

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