i-Cubed Capital Assists in Business Development Funding

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i-Cubed Capital is a private equity firm that does both long and medium term investments. The firm acquires and builds businesses that support economic growth and contribute to the upliftment of all stakeholders.

It also acquires family businesses where there is no intention for future generation succession planning and it seeks to form joint venture partnerships with family businesses looking to expand their existing operations through a growth strategy.


i-Cubed Capital provides a variety of funds for clients, ranging from unit trusts, investment funds for retirement, to savings plans with tax incentives. The company assesses fund manager performances through reviewing fact sheets and provides their clients with a numerous options to meet their investment objectives.

The company invests in businesses positioned for growth, offer investments in unit trusts managed by experienced fund managers, collaborate and invests with established local and global business partners.


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Investments made by i-Cubed Capital include:

• Listed Equity:

The company provides a variety of available funds including unit trusts, investment funds, and savings plans with tax incentives. Fund manager performances are assessed through reviewing fact sheets and providing clientele with multiple options for them to meet their investment objectives.


• Private Equity and Venture Capital:

The company acquires equity in companies that are positioned for growth and creates wealth for shareholders. Shareholders can claim up to 45% of their investment from SARS when investing through their venture capital fund. The team of investment specialists and entrepreneurs evaluate business opportunities that provide medium to long term growth.


A few of the companies i-Cubed Capital has invested in include MA Powertrade, Master Ribs, Contro, Tribal Alchemy, CA Cape Doctors Yebo Fresh, and Mzanzi Meat.


Services offered by i-Cubed Capital include:

• Consulting

i-Cubed Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a SARS approved S12J Venture Capital company. Investors obtain maximum taxable benefits on their investments in the S12J Venture Capital company.

i-Cubed Consulting is also an intermediary for listed investments, unit trusts and funds and provides investors with investment diversification locally and internationally.

• Finance

Kapital Boost is a company based in Singapore. i-Cubed Capital launched an online platform (www.kapitalboost.co.za) to facilitate SMME funding.

Kapital Boost’s technology expertise, combined with i-Cubed’s local knowledge of the South African market is positioned to introduce and match qualifying SMME’s with applicable investors.

• Distribution

Carl Smidt Sohn (CSS), an international home-wares brand with locations in Germany and China. It has partnered with i-Cubed Distribution to introduce its quality products in Southern Africa.

The CSS products distribution channel extends to independents (store owners) and large retailers in the home-wares industry.

• Enterprise Development

The company provides coaching and mentorship services to entrepreneurs and corporates.


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