Heritage Management Organization Untapping Local Potential

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Heritage plays a pivotal role in promoting cultural diversity, social cohesion, reconciliation, peace, and economic development. The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) was established with the goal of enabling key heritage managers, through targeted training, to independently transform heritage assets into dynamic sources of learning, community identity, and economic development. The Heritage Management Organization trains professionals in the management of heritage sites, independently of project specifics. The organization also engages with communities in stewarding their cultural assets for greater understanding, sustainability, and economic development. The Organization offers grants from $5000 to $50000 for organizations, groups, and individuals working with heritage in Africa.

Applicants must complete a concept note application form on the organization’s website. They must also ensure that their project addresses one or more of three criteria being; sustainability, capacity development & network building, and concrete & community impact.

Heritage Management Organization

Applicants for the Heritage Management Organization should ensure that…

Applicants have to demonstrate that their project addresses one or more of three criteria:


The focus is on projects that will have a lasting impact, much beyond the duration of the project for example protecting heritage sites from desertification by creating green belts, preserving/ stabilising/ restoring and adaptively reusing a historic building for community needs, researching the public heritage landscape, installing solar panels at heritage sites to generate income or decrease expenditure in the long term, building eco-friendly tourism infrastructure, direct interventions that strengthen social institutions, like traditional methods of mediation.

Capacity Development and Network Building

The organization encourages projects that strengthen local skills and build closer links with peer organizations in the HERITΛGE network. Examples include on-the-job training in preventive conservation (i.e. clearing or fencing sites), experience and expertise exchanges with other local NGOs on shared issues such as desertification or erosion of sites, co-operative training on museum exhibition design.

Concrete and Community Impact

Projects with strong, measurable incomes in terms of heritage protection and benefits to local people are encouraged. Each project should provide clear indicators of the planned impact. These indicators depend on the type of work carried out but some examples include increased visitation to a heritage site or program, financial benefits to the local community in terms of increased employment opportunities or local businesses created, tourism earnings, money savings by solar panel installation, the size of area protected from desertification.

Heritage Management Organization

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