GROW Fund for Grassroots Organisations to Flourish

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The Grassroots Resilience Ownership and Wellness (GROW) Fund is a first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at building the capabilities, resilience, and future readiness of grassroots organisations, in turn facilitating their efforts to effect change for disadvantaged communities at the grassroots. Grassroots organisations are important because constructive change rarely occurs or lasts when it comes from the top down. GROW supports activities of grassroots organisations associated with bottom-up decision making rather than top-down. As funders, the company has a huge opportunity to steer its organisations towards maximising its impact. GROW therefore need its organisations to operate optimally, be sustainable, create impact, and reach the last mile.

GROW supports sustainability, organisational development, and future readiness. GROW’s objectives are to sustain operations through support that covers critical costs and creating future readiness for long-term institutional sustainability.

Anchored by EdelGive Foundation along with a collective of reputed funders, the GROW Fund aims to strengthen 100 high impact grassroots organisations over 24 months, through capacity building and support of key organisational functions. In this way the Fund creates sustainable and resilient organisations.

EdelGive in itself works to achieve 10 times the impact by investing in partner NGOs with a combination of direct funding, capacity building, and linking NGOs to other funding sources, both public and private. Companies that embrace sustainability are showing leadership in tackling climate change and getting ahead of the curve of carbon taxes. These companies are progressively working to meet consumer demands, whilst boosting productivity and potentially cutting costs.

Applications to access the Fund can be submitted free of charge on the official website. Assistance from the Fund is for the duration of 24 months, split into two tranches. It is important to note that an organisation can only submit one application. To develop an all-encompassing application for funding, Dream Team Capital can assist.

GROW Fund Partners

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies;
  • Manan Trust;
  • ATE Chandra Foundation;
  • MacArthur Foundation;
  • Ashish Kacholia;
  • Rainmatter Foundation;
  • Indus Foundation of Utah;
  • Edelweiss Group;
  • A Private Philanthropy Partner;
  • Dalyan Foundation;
  • Oak Foundation;
  • Omidyar Network India; and
  • FamyCare.

For more information on the GROW Fund – Contact DTC