Grindrod Funding to Combat the Evolving Financial Landscape

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Grindrod Bank has been able to build a solid client franchise and act strategically in navigating the evolving financial landscape. Accordingly it sources remarkable individuals, with extraordinary drive and professional expertise, to create a truly dynamic niche bank. Employees are encouraged to use innovative thinking and are afforded the autonomy to develop effective and efficient financial products and services for their clients. DTC can assist your business with the developments for Grindrod Funding!

The bank was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Grindrod Limited. The bank maintains headquarters in Durban. In 2006, it acquired 100% of the assets of Marriott Merchant Bank. Grindrod Bank focuses on meeting the needs of high-net-worth individuals, large corporations and institutions.

Grindrod Bank excels in customer service by delivering on intellectual recruiting of people, ensuring to get the professional expertise and driven passionate employees to manage the client’s profiles. The bank empowers people to think freely and use their experience and relationships with their clients to provide a tailour made solution that will benefit all customers.

Grindrod Bank offer clients the benefit and value of experienced, skilled employees in equity and debt capital markets. It can assist and advise in all areas of capital raising transactions, as well as pricing and valuation of business offers, transactions and strategy approach.

Grindrod FundingGrindrod Bank is a registered financial services provider regulated by the South African Reserve Bank. Grindrod Funding services include:

•    Cash Deposits;

•    Commercial Property Finance & Lending;

•    Corporate Finance;

•    Debtor Finance;

•    Exchange Traded Funds;

•    Investments; and

•    Mezzanine Finance.

Grindrod Group is a Level 2 contributor. Grindrod Bank Limited is a Level 5 contributor, and is a verified B-BBEE company. The bank is currently a level 4 B-BEE company promoting opportunities and fair treatment throughout the workplace.

Grindrod Bank provides an environment where employees are treated respectfully, and where communication is open and honest.

Offerings made by Grindrod Bank

Grindrod Bank offers clients expertise in their Corporate Finance division through a wide range of different specialities.

Their skilled and experienced staff members provide businesses with negotiating and executing of all transactional banking needs across the corporate platform.

Short to medium term financing, asset management and secured facilities are offered to Grindrod Banking clients. Clients are offered the opportunity to re-invest or upgrade their portfolios for their business interests.

The bank offers organisations a specific scope of secure and easy to use Business Banking services and administrations. It gives all clients a tailour made solution and pride themselves on having the capacity to tailor individual answers to suit customers’ novel and advancing needs.

Grindrod Bank offers a range of investment opportunities with excellent returns for both individual and corporate investors. These include cash deposits and guaranteed preference shares.

Corporate Banking division focuses on offering a variety of commercial lending solutions including term loans, mezzanine finance, equity funding and combinations of all three. Invoice Discounting, a confidential facility
designed to accelerate the working capital of a business, is ideal for growing companies in the corporate sector.

Grindrod Bank is known for expertise in commercial and industrial property finance, and property private equity.

Grindrod Bank Retail division is a full clearing member of the National Payment Systems and participates actively in the EFT, CARD, ATM and Immediate Settlement Payment Clearing House streams. Grindrod Bank is a MasterCard issuer and makes use of industry recognised technology providers such as BankServ Africa and Net1.

The Corporate Finance division offers extensive experience across a range of disciplines. The division is made up of an expert team, with extensive skills and experience in originating, negotiating and executing transactions across all of the corporate finance disciplines. As a JSE registered sponsor and designated advisor, the team provides a comprehensive service to both listed companies and companies seeking to list on the JSE.

Grindrod Financial Services conducts its active investment business through a shareholding in Bridge Fund Managers (previously Grindrod Asset Management). Bridge Fund Managers is involved in both wealth management activities and investment products.

Grindrod Financial Services conducts its passive investment business through a shareholding in Core Shares. Core Shares is a leading African ETF manager with a particular focus on Smart Beta.

At DTC, we understand the complexities of the various funding agencies and the application criteria for each. We have assisted numerous entrepreneurs through the application process to access funding for  businesses, and we can assist you with the same.

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