The Green Fund for Promoting Green Initiatives

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The Green Fund focuses in the areas of agriculture, energy, transport, water, and waste to illustrate South Africa’s unique challenges, and to identify practical opportunities to realise a green economy. The Green Fund is a national fund providing catalytic finance for investment in green initiatives that supports South Africa’s transition towards a green economy. The fund is managed by the Development Bank of Southern Africa, on behalf of the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF). The Green Fund grant focuses on innovative projects that require assistance to cover funding gaps. The fund has a portfolio of 20 active and two completed investment projects, representing investment of R679,8 million since the fund’s inception. The Fund facilitates the transition to a green economy where market forces do not adequately value the cost to the environment through; promoting innovative and high impact green programmes and projects, and reinforcing climate policy objectives and sustainable economic development through green interventions.

The grant provider aims to attract foreign investment and additional national investments into the greening of the South African economy to complement existing financial support. The fund is additional and complementary to existing fiscal allocations, focusing on innovative projects that need to cover a funding or financing gap. Typical applicants include private companies, M2/ 3 municipalities, metros, provincial governments, NGO’s, research institutions and universities. Dream Team Capital can assist with the necessary developments to apply for the grant – growing a greener South Africa together.

Green Fund

Key areas of the Green Fund include:
• Green cities and towns – municipal infrastructure, green buildings, and integrated planning for climate-resilient cities;
• Low carbon economy – renewable energy generation, sustainable public transport, and energy efficiency; and
• Environmental and natural resource management – public open space and ecosystem services management.

Green Fund

Green Fund Criteria

To support South African projects the Fund provides grants:

• Up to R25 million for project preparation support/ feasibilities and technical support; and

• Up to R70 million for investment funding.

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