Free Financial Projections Template

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A free financial projections template forecasts the future income and expenses of a business. Financial projections enable businesses to forecast their predicted growth and success so that entrepreneurs can make essential decisions on production, investments, and expansion. These projections provide various information and insights on the future performance of a start-up or expansion business, which can also assist to attract investors.

Strong financial forecasting practices tend to lead to better financial outcomes, more stable cash flow, and better access to credit and investment that can help the business grow. These projections also serve as an important barometer for the overall success of the organisation. Dream Team Capital, as an industry expert, has provided numerous start-up and expansion companies with proficient financial projections, with timely deliverance, for various sectors in the country.

free financial projections template

A Free Financial Projections Template Includes:

  • The income statement, balance sheet and cash-flow statements and state assumptions used in projections;
  • Financials should reflect 3 years historic information for existing entities plus 5 year forecasts;
  • The most recent management accounts if the business is already in existence;
  • The first year of financial forecasts must be broken down month by month, including commentary on the financials to date and the forecasts, including;
  • Break-even analysis;
  • Specify value drivers for base, best vs worse case scenario;
  • Cash flow cycle, seasonal, monthly, credit days, debtors days, stock days
  • Profit margins and profitability;
  • Key assumptions used in compiling cash flow forecasts;
  • Cost drivers (what proportion is fixed);
  • Debt structure;
  • Working capital review/analysis; and
  • Fixed assets profile for start-ups to attach a 5 year forecast, analysis as stated above with the emphasis on motivating why forecasts on sales are achievable and costs are reasonable.

At DTC, we are able to develop conforming and reliable projections to give you the highest chances of success with your application, combined with the largest network of funders and grant providers in South Africa.

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