Franchise Manual Development South Africa for your Progression

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Franchise manual

Franchise Manual Development South Africa is available through DTC to give franchisees and employees a good understanding of the business and how to operate within it. A Franchise Manual is a key document that needs to be detailed thoroughly in order for the franchisee to run operations smoothly.

The franchisor needs to identify the necessary skills, experience, and characteristics essential for success, develop a profile around those findings, and strictly adhere to it. The franchisor should consider tools such as psychometric assessments to determine whether the potential franchisee fits the profile required.

The franchisor needs to decide what training franchisees require, its duration, where it will be represented, and who will deliver the training. The franchisor should develop both an initial and ongoing training programme for franchisees.

An operations manual is essential for any franchise system since it can:

  • assist to train franchisees when they initially enter the franchise;
  • ensure consistency in the customer experience across the franchise system; and
  • become or create legally binding standards for franchisees to meet.

Franchise Operational Manuals Include:

  • The history, goal or vision of the franchisor;
  • Procedures for finding and developing a franchise location;
  • Pre-opening procedures;
  • Equipment and inventory requirements;
  • Daily operating procedures; and
  • Administrative and reporting obligations.

Manuals will…

  • Safeguard the Franchisor’s Intellectual Property.  Concepts, know-how and trade secrets will be protected by copyright;
  • Satisfy the Franchisor’s obligation to provide a copy of the Manual, on loan, for the duration of the Franchise;
  • Strengthen the terms of the Franchise Agreement;
  • Be the basis for the Franchisee training course;
  • Define quality standards;
  • Provide consistency of standards across the network;
  • Be the point of reference in case of legal dispute;
  • Set the way in which KPI.s and targets will be monitored;
  • Allow the Franchisor to update systems; and
  • Save the Franchisor from repeated questions from the network.

Franchise Manual Development South Africa

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