Edge Growth to put the Edge Factor in your Business

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Edge Growth achieves real transformation through partnering with corporates and growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who in turn create jobs for the unemployed. We grow SMEs by addressing and providing solutions for access to finance, corporate markets, and skills.

In being experienced fund managers, Edge Growth has deployed more capital to early-stage SMEs than any other non-governmental SME fund in South Africa.

The company has over 60 years of combined experience in investment, finance, management consulting, and entrepreneurship experience. Edge Growth is proud to have achieved a Level 1 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating. Their 57% equity shareholders include African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd, Maggie Mojapelo and our Edge Growth Employee Share Ownership (ESOP) Trust that benefits top black performers at the company.

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The company’s IGNITE solution is designed to provide SME entrepreneurs with financial support and the skills development they need to build a sustainable business that thrives. The unparalleled approach to SME development, IGNITE, an innovative solution that provides SMEs with the necessary support to achieve scalability. Creating shared value for all stakeholders, IGNITE is tailoured to meet social and financial objectives whilst simultaneously catalysing SME growth by providing small businesses with access to market, skills, and funding. 


Requirements for business funding include:

  •  Funding mandates that preference be given to small businesses in industries including; Financial Services Sector, Industrial Sector, Education Sector, Healthcare Sector, Green Economy Sector, Digital Inclusion Sector and Business-to-business suppliers to other businesses;
  •  Start-ups are not funded as the company only considers early stage post revenue businesses with high growth potential;
  •  Businesses within the borders of South Africa, owned by South Africans are eligible for funding;
  • The company only funds businesses that are at least 51% black owned; and
  • The company does not provide grant funding.


Contact DTC for more information on funding through Edge Growth.