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Development Bank of South Africa

The Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) is a government-owned development finance institute. The DBSA’s mandate to promote economic growth, as well as regional integration for sustainable development projects and programmes across the African continent. The DBSA’s vision is to create a prosperous and integrated resource efficient region, progressively free of poverty and dependency. The institute’s primary purpose is to promote economic development, regional integration, and ultimately pursue a higher quality of life through infrastructure finance and development.

DBSA’s purpose is to ‘Build Africa’s Prosperity’ by driving inclusive growth and securing creative solutions that drive socio-economic development in emerging economies, across the African continent. This is accomplished by mobilising funding resources, which are channelled into projects aimed at building sustainable infrastructure planning and development across the continent. The DBSA’s client profile includes municipalities in South Africa, the private sector, State Owned Enterprises, Sovereigns, and public-private partnerships (PPPs) across the continent. With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, Dream Team Capital can develop a conforming funding application for your business.

The Development Bank of South Africa’s diversified portfolio focuses on specific sectors, that are critical in the development and growth of the regional and national economy. The aim is to support the government in its goal to reach a healthy economic standing which places South Africa, and other African countries, in a favourable condition to compete in the global market.

These sectors include;

Economic Infrastructure:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT);
  • Transport;
  • Water and Sanitation; and
  • Energy.

Social Infrastructure:

  • Health;
  • Education; and
  • Human Settlements.

The Development Bank of South Africa therefore finances projects in:

  • Water and Sanitation;
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT);
  • Energy;
  • Transport Logistics (Road, Rail, Ports);
  • Health;
  • Education (student housing); and
  • Housing.
Development Bank of South Africa

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