CPFP Grant Business Plan

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The Capital Projects Feasibility Programme (CPFP) Grant

CPFP Grant is a cost-sharing grant that contributes to the cost of feasibility studies likely to lead to projects that will increase local exports and stimulate the market for South African capital goods and services. The grant is offered to a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the feasibility study for projects outside Africa and 55% of the total costs of the feasibility study for projects in Africa and is capped at R8 million. Let DTC develop your CPFP Grant Business Plan today!

CPFP Objectives also Include…

•Attracting high levels of domestic and foreign investments;

•Strengthening international competitiveness of South African capital goods sector and allied industries;

•Creating sustainable jobs in South Africa;

•Creating a long-term demand for South African capital goods and services;

•Stimulating project development in Africa and in particular the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries as well as support for the objectives of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad); and

•Stimulating upstream and downstream linkages with SMMEs and BEE companies.


CPFP Grant

A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. Dream Team Capital can assist if you are thinking of starting a new, expanding your current or purchasing an existing business and require the development of a professional Business Plan. Our developments are often used to create a vision for a business venture, secure funding, secure non-repayable business grants, attract team members and/or managing the business.

Elements of a comprehensive CPFP Grant Business Plan include:

•Executive summary: Is an overview of your business and its plans. It comes first in the business plan and is ideally 1 to 2  pages.

•Body: Includes specifics on how are you going to take your opportunity and turn it into a business. This section covers your marketing and sales plan, operational plans, milestones, and metrics for success.

•Company and management summary: This section describes the current management and staffing team, as well as future additions to it. Also provide an overview of your legal structure, premises, and history if you are already operating.

•Financial plan: The business plan requires a financial forecast. DTC assists with the inclusions in your financial plan.

•Financial projections: Consists of documents namely; the management account, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, cash forecast, break even analysis, loan amortisation schedule and fixed asset schedule with ratios, graphs, and calculations.

•Annexures: Include statutory information that funders require in an application (contact us for the complete list).


At DTC we understand the complexities of the various criteria and requirements for an accurate and custom business plan.  If using the business plan to raise funding and/or non-repayable business grants, we guide you through the process and provide access to our expansive network of funders across South Africa.


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