The Development of your Clothing Manufacturing Business Plan

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Dream Team Capital can assist with the development of a comprehensive Clothing Manufacturing Business Plan. The Clothing, Textiles, Footwear, and Leather (CTFL) industry is a lucrative sector to get into in South Africa. The CTFL industry currently makes up around 14%  of the gross domestic product (GDP).  The sector facilitates an estimated 60 000 to 80 000 jobs. Textiles are also South Africa’s eleventh largest manufactured goods export.

The South African textile industry is very versatile, with a combination of traditional and modern textile production processes being used. The South African government has recognised the opportunities that the textile industry offers, and so it has focused on improving domestic textile products, processes, and delivery efficiencies. 

In fact, over USD-$1 billion has been spent on the South African textile industry since 1994, to help the industry upgrade and modernise. This has been done to assist the textile industry competing on a global scale. 

The South African textile industry offers many opportunities;  from producing clothes and selling them in a local market, to mass textile production, there are many examples of South African fashion businesses that have achieved great success. So let DTC assist with your Clothing Manufacturing Business Plan today!

clothing manufacturing business plan

One of the greatest challenges in the South African textile industry is competition with foreign markets. Many foreign textile producers are able to produce cheaper clothes at a far greater scale. Small local businesses also have to compete with big-name clothing brands, stores and manufacturers.  

Securing enough capital to expand textile manufacturing and operations can be a significant challenge for small, local textile businesses. This is necessary though if businesses want to compete with larger competitors.  

Beyond the essential technology for manufacturing, there are various technological tools that textile businesses can use to grow. This includes software solutions for back-office tasks like bookkeeping and inventory management. Textile businesses make use of the online store option, which includes online marketing tools.  

The textile industry forms a major area of manufacturing in South Africa. While this means a lot of competition, it also means there are a lot of opportunities.  With the right business plan, there are many numerous avenues to start a successful business within the clothing manufacturing industry.

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