CIPC company registration or de-registration

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CIPC company registration or de-registration are services offered by Dream Team Capital. The Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is the government Department responsible for company registrations in South Africa.

CIPC company registration or de-registration

CIPC Company Registration

To register a company with CIPC, one must start by registering as a customer and deposit funds into their account. Once the funds are cleared and reflect in the CIPC account company registration can begin. This can take up to 2 days.

A name reservation will need to be completed first. This will cost R50 for each application made; assuming the first four names that are submitted and one is successfully approved. Once the name is approved and you have the CoR 9.4, then you can apply for the registration. The registration will cost R125 for a private company and R475 for a non profit company. There are five types of companies that can be registered on CIPC. The amount will first need to be deposited into their account and reflect on your profile before you can make any submission, otherwise the application will be kicked out and it will need to be redone.

The documents needed to register a company with CIPC include identification; they only accept valid ID documents, both sides of the smart card ID or passport. No other documents are accepted, being a temporary ID or an asylum seeker document. You will need to sign the digital document provided after you submit the registration online. When you receive this digital document you will compile the Cor9.4 (name approval document), ID or passports for all directors (they also need to be certified) and the stamped and signed digital document. If someone does the registration on your behalf you will need to sign a power of attorney which allows them to do the registration. The requirements will stay the same, but they will need to attach the power of attorney, which must be certified as well as a copy of their ID, also certified.

CIPC Company de-registration

If a company is not active the members may de-register the company. To de-register, the members must write a letter to CIPC (On the company letterhead) stating that the company is dormant, and has no assets or liabilities, and all the members intend to de-register the company. All parties must be in agreement and sign this letter.

CIPC will then inform the relevant government departments (SARS, WCA, UIF etc.), as well as place an advert in the Government Gazette. There are no costs involved.

Another option is that the client does not pay the annual return and CIPC will automatically de-register the company for them. The assets of the company then belong to the state and the liabilities remain with the company which now does not exist, effectively relieving the director/s of their responsibilities.

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