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The opportunities for a catering business in South Africa are plentiful. Starting or expanding a catering business allows you to target the growing tourism industry, schools, universities, private businesses, events, and other organisations that require catering services. There will always be a need for catering businesses. The industry is large with numerous opportunities, so let DTC develop your catering business plan today!

catering business plan

The food services industry in South Africa has become very competitive, with its own identity that matches South African consumers’ needs. Starting a (or purchasing an existing) catering business in South Africa is very profitable. Catering is an excellent business concept for townships, city centres, office parks, and anywhere because there is always a market for food.

On the basis of application, the market is segmented into:

• Wedding Catering;

• Corporate Catering;

• Social Events Catering; and

• Others.

One of the great things about a catering business is that you have flexibility to work with different clients in different areas. People have become more conscious of what they consume, with a greater focus on healthy foods and beverages. More people now demand nutritious ingredients that are procured in a sustainable and ethical manner. This means there is more demand for catering businesses that can supply this.  

There has been an increase in the demand for local produce and ethically-sourced indigenous ingredients, traditional meals, and healthier food options. The food services market in South Africa is very competitive and it has its own identity that matches South African consumers’ needs.

A big part of South African culture is food and hospitality, so entrepreneurs who love their food can really make a go at growing their catering businesses. The food sector has been growing due to the growth of the tourism sector and an increase in income.

More people have been eating out in addition to the various events held by companies and individuals. There are a number of reasons for this, including events, festivals and gatherings that are held yearly. Educational institutions, private companies and other tourist organisations are always in need of catering services. Organisations, clubs, and individuals frequently hold events, parties, and workshops, so there will always be a need for catering services. Take advantage of this opportunity, and let us develop your Catering Business Plan.

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Catering business plan