Develop a Comprehensive Call Centre Business Plan

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Call centres are one of the largest sectors of business process outsourcing and offshoring, which has expanded into a major activity in the global South. Government attention has been accorded in South Africa to promoting the country as a destination location for call centres in support of job creation, specifically for the unemployed youth. Let Dream Team Capital develop your Call Centre Business Plan to become a significant contributor in the industry.

With the rapid growth of the Call Centre industry, South Africans have developed the skills to design, build and operate call centres rapidly and at reasonable scale. It is revealed that South Africa is seeking to maximise the role of impact sourcing for employment. Critical issues remain around restructuring the location of call centres which are strongly concentrated in the most economically developed parts of the country.

Many call centres offer multiple languages and support both sales and service activities. South Africans have learnt to operate systematically and effectively in these complex environments.

The international business community has demonstrated its confidence in South Africa by positioning over 2500 seats in the country in the past three years. It is currently a “Buyer’s Market”, therefore companies seeking to outsource their call centre can secure and negotiate better pricing, terms and service than during boom times.

Consequentially, outsourcers are offering flexible contracts including one-year renewable clauses in a typical three year contract, thus allowing companies to drop an outsourcer after one year, or after the second year, while the price remains constant.

There has recently been a change in the nature of the things that are being outsourced. Until now, it has generally been intangible items such as business processes that have been outsourced. This has shifted to full operations, signifying confidence in the outsourcing philosophy. This therefore makes starting (or expanding) a call centre business a very profitable venture.


call centre business plan

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