The Business Partners Property Fund

business partners property fundBusiness Partners Property Fund for Business Property Acquisitions

The Business Partners Property Fund  is a unique commercial & industrial property financing solution for end-user businesses looking to re-finance or purchase their own premises. The fund offers up to 110% funding (full purchase price plus costs) on the property with funding parameters of between R500,000 to R50million over a maximum term period of 10years. Full gearing of the property allows the entrepreneur the freedom of not having to tie up the usual 30% unencumbered cash requirement banks look for when financing a commercial or industrial property allowing for the businesses cash resources to be put to better use.

Applications are considered based on the following conditions:

1.) The underlying business must be proven to be viable and been in existence for no less than two years;
2.) The business should have a sound financial track record;
3.) The business must occupy at least 50% of the property to be purchased;
4.) The property to be purchased should be in a good condition, well located and be available at a reasonable market value;
5.) The operating business should meet affordability expectations.

* Residential and agriculture properties are excluded from this particular fund.

Property Acquisition Funds such as the Business Partners Property Fund caters to entrepreneurs with a viable business who want to refinance or purchase their own premises, but may have limited capital or security to contribute, or may not want to compromise the business’ cash resources for the deposit.

In most cases, conventional financiers require a cash deposit before considering financing a property deal. The deposit amount depends on the risk appetite of the financier and deposits of up to 50% may be required. We, however, allow the entrepreneur a choice of different financing options and are able to structure the deal by advancing up to 110% of the financing required, subject to terms and conditions.

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business partners property fund