Business and Arts South Africa Driving Innovative Artistry

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Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) forms a part of the country‚Äôs strategy to secure greater involvement in and support for the arts from businesses in South Africa. For this reason, BASA Grants have a slightly different lens to conventional funding and development agencies. The initiative’s focus is on amplifying and extending existing partnerships between arts and businesses that aim to meaningfully impact society through shared value and social cohesion.

The initative promotes business investment in the creative sector by leading research that enhances commercial confidence. BASA builds capacity through its programmes and is shifting the paradigm for the future of partnerships between diverse stakeholders.

Funded by an allocation from the Department of Arts and Culture (DSAC), the BASA Supporting Grant programme serves as a mechanism through which business and the arts can engage and achieve mutual benefit. It is a key device for identifying, supporting, and solidifying the synergy between businesses and creatives. The Business and Arts South Africa Supporting Grant Programme is designed for artists, arts organisations, and businesses. The Supporting Grants programme is designed to assist in activating sponsorship for a cross-section of arts projects in different regions of South Africa.

The initiative offers innovative programmes that provide and support in:

  • Knowledge transfer;
  • Skills development; and
  • Training in the cultural and creative sectors.

To apply for a BASA Supporting Grant, both the arts applicant and the sponsor must complete the application forms. BASA allocates funds to the project once it has assessed how the partnership benefits both the sponsor and the recipient.

Values of Business Arts South Africa

Business and Arts South Africa
Business and Arts South Africa

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