Auto Dealership Business Plan to Set the Stage for your Business

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 Auto dealerships in South Africa will continue to have a key role to play in automotive retailing for many years to come. The Auto dealership model equates to more profit for manufacturers and better product distribution. There are over 1000 car dealerships in South Africa. The number of car dealerships in South Africa has increased by over 50% over the past decade. To become a contributor in this lucrative market, let DTC develop your Auto Dealership business plan today!

Dealerships still exist to provide customers with a good customer service experience and build brand loyalty. Dealerships allow for an easier process when doing warranty and recall work, as well as routine maintenance and other repairs. Dealerships are also important as facilities to get a vehicle serviced in line with manufacturer requirements. Dealerships are currently making strides to make the overall sales process “contact-less” and “hassle-free,” which will be a huge benefit to car buyers, from a stress standpoint too. 

An advantage of going to a car dealership is that it is easier for individuals to find a quality car. Dealerships have a variety of different cars, that are valued at different prices. Customers need to have the option to choose which vehicle they are interested in and that it is tailoured to their budget. Second-hand cars which are sold at a dealership go through inspection after they have been bought from the previous owner; making the chances of customers purchasing a lemon car quite slim compared to when buying from a private seller.

Customers are able to test drive the vehicle so they can also make their own judgements. When buying from a dealer there is also a chance of finding a vehicle with an extended warranty. One of the greatest advantages of buying a car from a dealership is that customers can get car financing. Starting, purchasing an existing, or expanding in the automobile dealers industry is therefore a profitable business venture. So allow us at DTC to get you started with a comprehensive Auto Dealership business plan.


auto dealership business plan

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