Ata Capital Fund for Institutional Investor Capital

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Ata Capital (Pty) Limited is a fund management company established to carry out the business of attracting and managing private and institutional investor capital.

It is a private equity firm specialising in growth capital, replacement capital, and buyouts. It does not invest in early stage businesses. The firm seeks to invest in Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) entities in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ata Capital Fund

The company is majority black-owned and black-managed and was founded in 2012. The company also has a significant broad-based black shareholding which stands to gain materially from the performance of the Funds managed by Ata Capital.

Ata Capital’s primary investment focus is on non-traditional asset classes that deliver a unique proposition and superior returns to investors. It is a B-BBEE Level 2.

The company follows a growth approach that:

  • Identifies deep-value market opportunities;
  • Identifies the relevant skills required to exploit such opportunities; and
  • Builds an appropriate fund strategy.

Ata Capital is a member of the South African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. It is authorised to provide financial services as a juristic representative under Financial Services Board.

The company offers a seasoned investment team with combined experience in deal origination, execution and management. The team combines skills in Structured Finance, Acquisition Finance, Corporate Finance, Fund Management and Corporate Governance.

Ata Capital FundAta Capital Fund Services include:

Taking principal equity positions;

Providing replacement capital and expansion capital for growth;

Providing patient investment capital to BEE entities who have access to attractive investment opportunities; and

Enabling the velocity of BEE capital by;
– providing liquidity to BEE entities against their performing portfolio investments
– providing a market for BEE entities who wish to exit their portfolio investments.

Investments provided by Ata Capital

Ata has successfully raised and deployed two BEE value funds and is currently inviting commitments for Ata Fund III, which will target deep value investment opportunities seeking to drive superior long-term returns for its investors. Ata Fund I and Ata Fund II are certified as Black Investors in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and can therefore participate directly as a BEE investor and contribute to the BEE ownership scorecard of its investee companies.

  1. Ata Fund I is a BEE Value Fund that seeks to drive superior long-term returns for its investors through identifying deep-value BEE investment opportunities, while unlocking active capital for BEE Investors. The fund is fully invested across 6 investments.
  2. Following the same mandate as Ata Fund I, Ata Fund II is a BEE Value Fund aimed at providing liquidity into the BEE Market and liberating active capital for BEE Investors. The fund is closed for further commitments, and is currently invested across 6 investments.
  3. Ata Fund III is a BEE Value Fund, with a focus on primary and secondary BEE deal opportunities. It will leverage off the tested investment techniques applied in its predecessor funds to identify deep-value investment opportunities. This fund is currently inviting commitments.
  4. Ata Resources Fund I is an alternative mining finance and private equity fund focused on offering innovative financing solutions for junior mining and small to mid-tier production projects in sub-Saharan Africa. This fund is currently inviting commitments.

Ata Capital is passionate about developing the social capital of our country . As such we have a vested interest in a number of initiatives aimed at promoting education and skills development. It is rooted in the principles of innovation, excellence and social development.

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