Application Forms for Funding and Grant Procurement for South African Businesses

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Completing of application forms for funding and grant applications can be a tedious process.  Our funding proposals usually suffice as a complete application for funding however some funders or grant providers might request applications to be completed – all of the required information (if developed through us) is in the business plan, financial plan, and financial projections for you to extract the information from. Funding proposals need to contain comprehensive information to support the commercial viability and the financial position of your business. If you require us to assist in the completion of the document – the cost per application form is R750.

We have South Africa’s largest network of finance partners that include venture capital companies, private equity firms, government BEE initiatives, banks, angel funds, crowd funds, Silicon Cape investment companies and rent to own funding initiatives. DTC has extensive experience with putting together successful applications for entrepreneurs from across the country.

Application Forms for Funding

Dream Team Capital (Pty) Ltd / DTC, in being a privately-owned South African company, has built its reputation for quality, competence and efficiency on the responses of very demanding and discerning clients. We are dedicated to the provision of professional corporate services characterised by independent and creative thinking to maintain our credible reputation.

Our strength is the ability fully to grasp the exact niche needed in your line of business, as this is one of our core competencies. Our work encompasses mutual trust with each client; international companies as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Each client’s activities, products and professional environment are carefully taken into consideration; as our goal is to provide tailour-made solutions to the client’s specific business and other corporate needs. At Dream Team Capital, we put together a suitable and timeous application as our years of experience stand us in good stead to assist you through the maze of bureaucracy.

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