100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa

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100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa

If you are planning to start a business in South Africa, there is no shortage of opportunities. The market has been growing at a rapid pace during the past few years, due to the advances in technology and the ever-increasing demand for various goods and services. DTC will provide the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa, and we can further assist with development, finance and grant procurement for your new business.

Advertising Agency

If you have experience in marketing, you can start an advertising agency to help other businesses create campaigns for whatever budgets they have. Many agencies tend to focus on large corporations that have big budgets. Your agency can focus on the smaller businesses and startups that are often neglected.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa over the long term. It is a way to earn money online by promoting other companies’ products and services. You will be paid a commission for each sale you make as an affiliate marketer.

Affordable Housing

Shelter is critical for human survival, but many cannot afford the exorbitant costs of housing, particularly in urban areas. Affordable housing, such as trailer homes, tiny houses, or houses built with non-traditional building materials, can go a long way toward alleviating housing shortages in African cities. This kind of business, which addresses life-threatening problems, is easily able to attract international investment or grants.

AI Consultancy Services

AI consultants help businesses navigate and implement artificial intelligence solutions tailored to their needs. They analyse data, recommend AI technologies, and develop strategies for organisations. If you are skilled in this area, consider offering AI consultancy services to companies.

Automotive Franchises

Automotive franchises offer various services, including vehicle sales, repairs, and maintenance. Opportunities include established brand recognition, consistent demand for automotive services, and ongoing support from the franchisor.

Bakery Store

Owning a bakery can be a profitable business venture, as long as you are able to establish a good place in the market through developing a unique bakery business plan.

Barber Shop

The the barbershop industry holds much potential for aspiring entrepreneurs in South Africa. This is one of the profitable business especially if you have the expertise to do it, offering creativity, flexibility, and the social aspect of the work.

Beauty and Skincare Products

The beauty and skincare industry in South Africa is a lucrative market that offers opportunities for entrepreneurs who can create high-quality and effective products. Opportunities exist for those who can offer natural and organic products, as well as those who can offer innovative and unique products.

Bed & Bed Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts have been around for a long time. Owners interact with customers while they benefit from affordable lodging. Travelers nowadays have a high interest in experiencing local culture, ready to take on the adventure of meeting and interacting with others from different backgrounds and perspectives in order to get a unique taste of how a small town or even neighborhood might live. The great thing about starting at home B&B in South Africa is that you only need enough capital to purchase essential items needed to open your very first one.

Bike and Repair Store

More and more people are picking up their bikes. Hobbyists and serious cyclists both are driving growth globally. That means if you want to open a retail store, you might consider a bike store. Specifically, consider a bike store that offers repairs, as repairs future-proof your business for good and bad times. People are less likely to want to buy new when the economy is slow, and more likely to hold onto their existing equipment. That means if you offer repairs, they can come to you.


Clothes are a part of the basic human needs. This is one of the profitable businesses; it requires one to know the gender and the type of clothing they want to sell.

Business Consultation Firm

There are start up businesses which do not know how to make a business plan and how to execute it. This is where the business consultation firm comes in….such as Dream Team Capital!

Business Support Services

Business support services offer continuous administrative, technical, and operational assistance to companies.

Call Centre Representative Business

All businesses or sectors that value good client interactions require call center agents. You can start this business if you have a functioning phone connection and computer. On behalf of an organisation, clients will call you. A definite on the list of 100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa!

Caregiving Services

Caregiving services guarantee good short and long-term returns. Start by pursuing professional training and other certification programmes before establishing an old-age home in South Africa. Caring for the sick or elderly is not an easy job, so you must be passionate about it.

Caretaking Service

As a caretaker, you are in charge of servicing buildings, which means ensuring there is power, cutting the grass, repairing the plumbing and other maintenance work. The good thing about this business is that you can offer your services to as much buildings as you can handle, since most jobs to be taken care of are usually contracted out to handymen.

Car Wash

Everyone needs their car washed from time to time! A car wash is a great way to make money, and you need very little to get started. You can start your own car wash business with just a few hundred bucks, as it is one of the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa.

Chatbot Development

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation. Many South African businesses have websites. Therefore, they need to engage customers through instant messaging platforms or chatboxes. If you enjoy computer-based activities and have the knowledge and skills needed, you can develop chatboxes for various businesses.

Child Day Care

Hiring a qualified nanny is quite expensive and so many parents prefer taking their children to a daycare. If you have a spacious home, you could start there before expanding later.

Coffee Shop Franchises

Coffee shop franchises offer customers a relaxed and social atmosphere, serving various hot and cold beverages and snacks. Opportunities include high-profit margins on speciality drinks and food items, strong customer loyalty, and established systems. Challenges include high startup costs, franchise fees, ongoing royalties, and competition from other coffee shops.

Copywriting and Editing

Copywriting and editing services involve creating or editing written content for businesses or individuals. This can include website copy, product descriptions, or marketing materials. To succeed, you’ll need to have excellent writing and editing skills and be able to deliver high-quality work on time.

Consignment Shop

A consignment shop is an attractive option for an entrepreneur who does not have money to invest in inventory. Instead of purchasing inventory to sell, you allow others to display their own inventory, and, in turn, you enjoy some of their profits. Consignment shops can carry a wide variety of used items such as clothing, collectibles, antiques, and memorabilia.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are in high demand in South Africa, particularly in business strategy, marketing, finance, and human resources. Opportunities exist for consultants who can offer specialised expertise to clients in various industries, such as mining, agriculture, healthcare, and technology.

Content Creation

Content creation involves creating written, visual, or audio content for other businesses or individuals. This can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media content. The main challenge is finding clients and creating content that meets their needs.

Commercial Shelves

As e-commerce has grown, most vendors now require a physical presence where their customers may pick up their goods. Renters’ fees are used to compensate a salesman that works directly with clients and takes inventory for different sellers.

Courier Services

Given that more individuals are purchasing online and prefer home deliveries, the demand for courier services as one of the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa is at an all-time high. As a result, you may start a company that offers to pick up and drop off interested customers.

Crypto Hardware Business

Although crypto is a digital product, there are many physical products that can be built around it, such as wallets, security keys, and USB drives.

Culinary Training Services

If you are good at cooking, you can offer culinary training services to other people (cooking services). You can offer cooking classes online or in person. Ensure you have a well-equipped and spacious kitchen to accommodate your trainees.

Online Custom Tailouring Services

Custom online tailouring services empowers customers to have clothing that fits like a glove. Whether it’s a suit, shirt, dress, or any other garment, they have the freedom to choose the fabric, style, and fit that aligns with their personal preferences.

Digital Marketing

With more businesses moving online, the demand for digital marketing services is rising. Opportunities exist for marketers offering effective digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and social media management.

Digital Media Conversion

Technological advancements normally come with new features and gadgets. As people transition to new technologies, they may not want to lose critical information stored in previously used technologies. Tech-savvy people can make money by transferring information stored in outdated technologies to new formats for easy retrieval.

Driving School

In South Africa, obtaining a driver’s license is now one of the requirements to qualify for a job. Moreover, attending a defensive driving program may also entitle a driver to have lower vehicle insurance premiums. Hence the demand for driving school.

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to customers without holding inventory. Instead, when a customer makes a purchase, you buy the product from a third-party supplier, who then ships it directly to the customer.

E-commerce Store

This is a business that assists in selling products online, businesses that operate online have many benefits over those that operate physically, including cheaper overhead expenses, more flexibility and reach, and the potential to reach a larger audience.

Education Franchises

Education franchises offer various educational services, including tutoring, test preparation, and early childhood education. Education is always in demand, and franchises that offer tutoring services, test preparation, or academic enrichment programs can be very lucrative.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for alternative education models, such as Montessori schools and language learning centres, which can also be franchised.

Electronics Repair Business

The electric industry is worth billions and more. This one can start without any capital provided they have the required skills and education. This business will include repairing all electrical appliances.

Event Planning

Event planning services are in high demand in South Africa, particularly for corporate events, weddings, and concerts. Opportunities exist for event planners who can offer creative and professional services for event design, coordination, and management. Event planners’ challenge is managing multiple stakeholders and ensuring that events run smoothly within the client’s budget.

Fast Food Franchises

As one of the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa, fast food franchises offer customers a quick and convenient dining experience. Opportunities include brand recognition, established business model and systems, and ongoing support from the franchisor.

Food Truck Owner

Always dreamt of owning a restaurant but not quite ready to take the plunge? Test out your concepts with a food truck. It is a great way to become familiar with food and restaurant licensing in your state, see what people like and don’t like, and build a ravenous following before ever opening or investing in a brick-and-mortar location.

Financial Advisory Services

The benefits of becoming an advisor include unlimited earning potential, a flexible work schedule, and the ability to tailour one’s practice. There is unlimited earning potential, as demand for financial advice remains steady.

Fitness Franchises

Fitness franchises offer gym facilities, personal training services, and group fitness classes. Opportunities include consistent demand for fitness and wellness services, established systems, and ongoing support from the franchisor.

Funeral Home Business

People die all the time and most times, the families of the deceased do not want to have to face the task of preparing the final rites for their beloved, and so contract the services of a funeral home. Your funeral home business can also offer bereaved families additional services so as to ease their task.

Garden Services Business

Reliable garden services are hard to find, so if you can provide a quality, reliable garden service you will never be short of clients. Once you’ve created a demand, you can charge higher rates to make it profitable. Furthermore, it is a seasonal business in some ways, but you can always structure your plans to include a garden maintenance plan for the winter months when the grass doesn’t grow much.

Graphic Design

Corporations, small businesses and sole proprietors all need eye-catching promotional materials, but not everybody has an eye for what looks good. If you have an artistic streak and know how to organise content into a visually pleasing format, start a graphic design business to provide flyers, digital ads, posters and other engaging visual materials. Graphic design requires few physical tools beyond a laptop and a desk. Another great one for this list of 100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa!

Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming is among the best ventures to try, especially in rural areas. You can grow a variety of crops that South Africans consume. However, this venture requires a significant capital investment.

Gas Station Franchises

Gas station franchises offer various services, including fuel sales, convenience stores, and car washes. Opportunities include consistent demand for fuel and convenience store items, brand recognition, and established systems.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are most people’s go-to source for food supplies. Although they can be found in almost every corner, starting a grocery business is one of the most reliable businesses you can start in South Africa with a medium budget that can guarantee a steady income.

You don’t need to run the business yourself, you simply hire a shop attendant and your job will just be the occasional supervision. As you make more money, you might even be able to start a chain of grocery stores in different locations.

Grocery Delivery Service

This is one of the common demanded services in South Africa at the moment. As a carrier grocery carrier one has the opportunity to maximise on their output.

Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted goods are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, particularly among consumers who value authenticity and uniqueness. Opportunities exist for creating handmade products, such as pottery, woodwork, and textiles.

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores provide a wide range of building materials, plumbing supplies and electrical tools among other various products and services. Also, a hardware store has a large pool of customers for building and civil construction, renovations, agriculture, as well as for small DIY projects. Opening a hardware store is something to consider. Homeowners, real estate companies and construction companies will carry out improvements or repairs on their properties and this requires hardware products.

Healthcare Franchises

Healthcare franchises can include various services, from home care and medical staffing to medical billing and senior care. With the ageing population and increased demand for healthcare services, this industry has much growth potential.

Home Decor and Furnishing

With an increasing focus on home design and aesthetics, the market for home decor and furnishings is growing in South Africa. The demand for unique and locally sourced products is rising, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in this space.

Hotel and Hospitality Business

When there are tourists and travelers, there are demands of hotels and hospitality. Business related to hotel and hospitality in South Africa is already a booming business. If you are related to this field, you are most welcome to invest on this business.

However, such business may get little costlier at the beginning, but wise expense management, right advertisements and proper service and facilities to the clients can return back good fortune in a short period of time.

Human Recruitment Agency

When the field of business is so dense, the country also calls for sufficient skilled workers. Any business without a sufficient workforce is literally nothing, until it is an entirely online based startup. However, when a workforce is in high demand, business related to a human recruitment agency in South Africa can be a very profitable trade perspective.

Iphone/Apple Store

Apple products are known for their uniqueness, they also have a wide range of products they sell. This requires significant investment, but the profit is also high. It also has its market; there are people who specifically prefer apple products.

Insurance Brokerage

An insurance brokerage or agent is a business that sells insurance to the public. Some insurance agents are independent, while others work for insurance brokers, also known as agency brokerages.

Interior Design

This is another lucrative business which involves making interiors of the house functional, safe and beautiful by selecting and determining the requirements and choosing the decorative items like colors, materials, and lighting.

Invention and Patent Service

Patents are the most generalised way for protecting the rights of inventors. A patent is an exclusive right granted by the state for the protection of an invention. The patent grants to its holder the exclusive right to use or exploit the invention and prevent third parties from using it without consent. This needs one to be creative for example there are those who have invented UnbuckleMe, a patented tool that makes it easier for children to open seat buckles.

IT Support Services

IT support services involve providing technical support and troubleshooting services for businesses and individuals. IT support opportunities include remote IT support, hardware and software installation services, and network and security solutions. Challenges include adapting to evolving technologies and dealing with hardware and software compatibility issues.

Jewellery & Accessories

The jewellery and accessories market in South Africa is growing, with consumers looking for unique and handmade products. This business requires creativity and an eye for design, and there are opportunities to target different market segments. Developing unique, handmade products can help you differentiate your brand and stand out.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the arranging and modifying of features in a landscape, urban area, or garden. It involves the planning, designing, and managing of open spaces to create aesthetic environments. If you are great at landscape design, consider exploring this opportunity.

Laundry Business

This is another booming business stayed in the market over the years. It is also a fulfilling business venture for a business person who wishes to bring changes into their community. It requires the right equipment, commitment and great customer service.

Life Coaching Business

The career of life counseling is becoming more and more popular. A life coach uses their emotional intelligence, expertise, and experience to assist clients in various areas of their lives. This is one of the industries getting a lot of money.

Livestock Farming

While farming remains expensive and demanding, there are a few options available that do not require a lot of space or money and are relatively easy to start. The best options for smaller operations are poultry and pig farming which are some of the easiest ventures to get into and have lower costs and great profit potential.

Local touring It is always an advantage to stay at a place where other people would love to visit. Even better, this business opportunity blends with people who are outgoing and social to strangers. While meeting new people and chatting them up can be fun, you can earn by guiding tourists and addressing them with exciting information about a place or historical event. While you may not have thought about this idea, it is an excellent way to upscale your earnings while entertaining the guests. Get creative and provide real answers to every one of the questions posed by tourists and they will happily compensate for your services. For sustainability and huge earnings, make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge and excellent communication skills.


This mainly focuses on the warehouse and transportation areas which are essential for supply chain, this is a good business to start if you are interested in supply chain related business.

Manufacturing Business

There is huge potential for businesses that produce value-added products, that also focus on quality and innovation. This may include starting a cement manufacturing business or clothing and textiles businesses. A key driver of the economy and a must on this list of 100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa as it is also supported by many non-repayable grants.

Massage and Spa Parlour

Another skill-based business idea is massage and spa parlour. When mentioned skilled based it means you must have professional knowledge just like beauty salon, or else this business isn’t right for you.

In south Africa, Massage and spa business have superior demand, if you can start and withhold with this particular sector, you are expected to earn a whole bunch of cash. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, or relatively experienced individuals are well prioritised to start this kind of business in the country.

Mini Supermarket

This is a profitable business, one need to just find the suppliers of different products needed at the supermarket and the right location to begin.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are essential for businesses to reach customers and streamline their operations. Mobile app development can range from creating simple informational apps to complex apps with advanced features. Opportunities for app development include creating gaming, business, and education apps. Challenges include adapting to ever-changing technology and competing with established app development companies.

Nutrition Services

Offering nutrition services is reserved for people trained in nutrition and dietetics. As a certified nutrition professional, you are required to pay attention to the details of helping your clients reach their goals.

Office Sharing

Offices are fundamental for growing companies, however the problem is that they are often too expensive. You can start an office sharing business in SA by leasing a large office and then dividing it into smaller work stations that can be leased individually. This makes it more affordable to small scale businesses. You will make money through the rental income as well as by offering additional services such as WiFi and kitchen services.

Organic Products

The demand for organic products is growing in South Africa, particularly among health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers. Opportunities exist for those offering organic products, such as food, skincare, and household items. Organic product businesses’ challenge is maintaining high-quality standards and competing with non-organic products.

Pest Control Services

Pest control services are in high demand in South Africa, particularly in areas with high pest infestations, such as urban and agricultural regions. Opportunities exist for pest control providers who can offer practical and safe solutions for pest management, such as fumigation, baiting, and trapping. Pest control providers’ challenge is maintaining high quality and safety standards and complying with environmental regulations.

Pet Grooming

Indoor pets have become increasingly common in modern households. These pets need regular nail-clipping, fur-trimming, and other hygienic care services. You can start a business that offers pet grooming services to tap into this market.

Pet Products

Pet ownership is widespread in South Africa, making the pet product market lucrative. Pet owners are willing to spend on products that can improve their pets’ health and well-being, such as pet food, toys, grooming products, and accessories. The market for pet products is expected to grow steadily in the coming years due to the increasing number of pet owners. There is a growing demand for premium and organic pet products. Innovative and eco-friendly pet products are also becoming popular.

Plumbing Services

This requires one to have the necessary skills and equipment, for the business start, one can advertise themselves on social media for the services they offer and then expand from there.

Property management People who own multiple buildings or properties sometimes need help managing them. You can come to their rescue by providing property management services at a fee. Your duties include finding new tenants, screening them, handling complaints, collecting rent, and property maintenance.

Professional Make-up

There are lucrative opportunities in South Africa’s thriving cosmetic market. Professional make-up artists earn big money from offering their services, and so can you.

PR Services

Public relations is a key component in most companies and businesses. You can establish a PR agency to assist people and businesses to create a good public image. You can also help them to recover their image in case something goes wrong.

Recreational Centre

South Africa needs more places where young adults, teenagers, and children can spend their free time in useful ways. Opening a recreational centre will bring a space that offers exactly that. It can have a gym, pool, and sports facilities. Even a small theatre would be extremely beneficial. It’s another way that you can give back to the community whilst earning a living for yourself.

Recycling Business

Waste in South Africa’s urban regions is generally abundant and includes plastics, glass, paper, and metal. Certain garbage types can be collected and recycled by creative people. Along with making them money, this enterprise will lessen pollution. As an illustration, consider recycling metallic wires or used plastic bags to create shopping baskets and toys for kids. A must on the 100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa – supported by non-repayable grants as well.

Real Estate Appraisal Service

Starting a real estate appraisal service is a great way to get involved in the industry without having to buy or sell property. As a real estate appraiser, you’ll be responsible for estimating the value of properties. This can involve anything from single-family homes to commercial buildings.

Recruiting Agency

The best way to assess the success of a Recruiting Agency is to review what their clients say about them and the results achieved for those clients. As one of the 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa, this business structure allows for work that is rewarding, scalable, with high customer retention rates.

Referral Services

People are constantly looking for good services from businesses such as plumbers, attorneys, restaurants, and tourism attractions. If you present yourself as an authority with all the essential knowledge, many people will gladly pay to be referred to you.

Renewable Energy

South African small business owners, the government and citizens alike are all struggling with loadshedding, as continued rolling electricity blackouts affect the country. This is a profitable business model to diversify energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels, creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more.


With the food market increasing in South Africa, this business model is a profitable one to adopt. Entrepreneurs should make the restaurant unique by being innovative in recipe offerings and the restaurant layout.

Retail Franchises

Retail franchises offer a range of products and services, including food, clothing, electronics, and home goods. Opportunities include brand recognition, established systems and procedures, and ongoing support from the franchisor. Challenges include high startup costs, ongoing inventory and supply costs, and competition from other retail stores.

Road Management

The demand for road managers in South Africa has increased with the popularity of roadshow tours by firms, radio stations, and celebrities. A road manager is employed by small- to medium-sized music ensembles, radio stations, or other businesses. They make sure everything is planned out and done on time. In addition, a road manager arranges lodging, handles media duties, and supplies the support people, tools, and schedule necessary for a successful roadshow.

Security System Installation

 An alarm system installation business installs alarm systems in homes, offices or other properties for residential and commercial customers that want to protect their property from theft and other hazards.

Senior Care

Senior care is a service business that provides adult daycare and other services to seniors who need assistance. The business may also provide transportation and home health care services.

Small Wealth and Asset Management Company

Independent boutique wealth and asset management firms are gaining edge over the large ones because of their flexibility and agility. You can definitely start a smaller firm if you have a great finance background with some strong network. Being a small firm, you can outsource the other administrative tasks such as IT, human resources, legal/compliance, accounting and focus more time on your clients and building relationships.   

Wealth and asset management is an investment advisory service which includes other financial services to cater to the needs of high net worth and affluent clients. An independent and self-employed wealth management advisor is a professional who has the financial expertise to handle an affluent client’s wealth holistically, for one set fee.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is big business and there’s never been a better time to get involved in sports betting. Consider investing in sporting events too.

Shisa Nyama

This remains one of 100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa. Shisa nyama’s offer visitors a place to buy meat and braai. These establishments also offer patrons a variety of other meals, as well as beverages, wines, and alcohol.

Staffing Agency

This is a popular business model in South Africa because when companies require staff to fill a certain position, they turn to employment agencies to find them.

Sustainability Consultancy

Many firms are adopting safer and more secure procedures thanks to green technology. As a consultant, you will provide these businesses with paid advice on efficient, humane alternatives to their current practices.

Tax Consultancy

Every year every individual, companies and firms must file their taxes, one can strategize themselves as a tax consultant and make impressive returns from it.

Taxi or Personal Driver Services

You can work as a personal or taxi driver if you have a good driving record. You can also lease your vehicle to reputable taxi service providers such as Uber. This venture is ideal for people living in urban areas.

3D Printing

Commercial 3D printing can be a very profitable business to start in South Africa if you have the right targeting approach.

Some common things that can be 3D printed include toys, house designs, jewelry, spare parts, etc. You can specifically target companies that deal with design such as architectural firms.

Towing Services

It is common to see a vehicle stalling on the road due to an accident or malfunction. Such cars cause unnecessary traffic jams. This problem can be resolved by towing services.

Transcribing Business

This involves typing, editing and other virtual services for companies and individuals. One can hire several workers to assist when the work is too much.

Translation Services

Translation services are in high demand in South Africa, particularly for businesses that operate in multiple languages or want to expand their reach to international markets. Opportunities exist for translators offering accurate and timely translations for various documents, such as contracts, marketing materials, and websites.

Travel Agency

If you’re a person that loves travelling and meticulous planning, starting a travel agency can be a great business for you. Your startup budget can go towards market research to identify the right niche, branding and online marketing.

Setting people up for their dream vacation can be extremely gratifying, so you might find that you have a real passion for this job. And you could always hire some travel agents to start taking some of the workload off of you after the business takes off.

Video Production Company

A video production company (VPC) also known as a video production agency or film production company, creates videos for clients to use in their marketing strategies. These videos can be commercials, online ads, product showcases, corporate videos, and employee training videos.

Web Design and Development

Web design and development services are essential for businesses that want to establish a robust online presence. Opportunities exist for web designers and developers who can offer high-quality and user-friendly websites, e-commerce platforms, and mobile applications. The challenge for web designers and developers is to keep up with the latest design trends and technologies and to provide excellent customer service. A definite winner for the list of 100 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in South Africa!

Waste Management Business

Waste is something that almost every African country battles with and South Africa is not left out. However, most people might not like to go into this business because they feel it is a dirty business; however this business is so lucrative that you will start becoming rich in no time. Ensure that you aggressively get clients and that you are punctual in taking care of their waste. Ask satisfied clients to refer you to their friends and colleague.

100 most profitable businesses to start in South Africa

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