WDB Investments: A Group Empowering South African Industries

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WDB Investments is a fully women led and managed investment holding company with over 21 years’ investment experience in South Africa across many sectors and industries.

WDB Investment Holdings (Pty) LTD is a women founded, women-led and operated group with a combined over 25 years’ experience with a focus on funding and supporting women entrepreneurs. WDB is all about making a social impact on women; providing them with business funding and investment opportunities.

WDB Investment Holdings

Their aim is to be the leading game-changer in women advancement and empowerment in South Africa, impacting the African continent. Their mandate is to make investments, but while other companies pay dividends to their investors, the majority of profits made by WDBIH through its investments are repatriated to the WDB Trust, which uses those funds for its developmental programmes.

WDB consistently work on facilitating and creating business opportunities and creating access to markets for black women entrepreneurs. The investment strategy is to acquire significant minority interests (10%-49%) in growth and cash generative businesses with EV’s of > R500m, and to have representation on the respective company boards and sub-committees in order to drive their strategic active participation agenda.

They invest in businesses with growth, strong cash generative ability and healthy dividend flow. WDB is catalyst of reform through strategic investments in the corporate sector and the development of women entrepreneurs.

WDBIH seeks to make equity investments in growth businesses that generate cash, and seek market and sector-related internal rates of return. It seeks to maximise their capital return by reducing their cost of capital, through a combination of debt (including vendor and third party funding) and own equity. They seek to hold all our investments at holding company or group level.

Investment Criteria

WDBIH is an active partner, adding strategic value to investments through board representation and ensuring that women empowerment and skills transfer are always at the top of the agenda.

  • Specific sectors: financial services, consumer goods and services, education, property, technology media & telecoms, renewable energy/utilities, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and diversified industries
  • Robust listed and unlisted companies with:
    • Reputable management, diversified income streams and which are high-growth and/or strong cash-generative businesses committed to BEE and women empowerment
    • Demonstrable market traction and scalability
  • Companies that achieve the required returns: WDB seeks maximum returns through conservatively managed reasonable gearing/debt (including vendor and third-party funding) and equity
  • Companies that give access to cash flows: WDB generally arrange trickle dividends and/or performance fees/management fees to secure cash flow for WDBIH
  • Targeted business Enterprise Value:
    • Growth and cash generative businesses with EVs of > R500 m

WDB Investments Services

WDB Growth Fund

Through the WDB Growth Fund, WDBIH will invest in QSE’s and EME’s. Funding is targeted at women and youth owned businesses who require funding to assist in the operating and financial development of their businesses.

Supplier Development programme

A supplier development programme ran by Seed Engine to accelerate entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses.

The programme entails training, business development support, access to market, mentoring etc. This programme runs for 12 months.

Accelerate Her programme

WDBIH sponsors the prize money for this 90-day accelerator programme designed to fast track the development of women-owned business while taking into account the specific psych-social issues women face.


WDBIH engages with various youth organisations which are involved in addressing educational, socio-economic, self-empowerment issues within their communities. These organisations require guidance, mentoring and financial support in order to pursue these projects.


Through the Thuthuka Bursary Fund, WDBIH provides scholarships too solely to African and Coloured students from disadvantaged communities, in pursuit of becoming Chartered Accountants.

Oprah Winfrey School

WDBIH provides scholarships for OWLAG students who are furthering their studies in various universities across the country.


WDB Trust is a Public Benefit Organization (PBO), which mobilizes resources to promote an integrated poverty reduction strategy which links poor households in South Africa to finance; a basket of development services; enterprise opportunities; training and ancillary programmes in order to build productive and sustainable family and community livelihoods.

At DTC we understand the complexities of the various funding agencies (guage this by downloading the NEF’s application form below) and the unique application criteria for each. We have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs through the application process to access funding for businesses, and we can assist you with the same.

Contact us for more information on funding through WBD Investment Holdings.