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Makalani Management Company, founded in 2005,  is a multi-disciplined investment manager focused exclusively on investment research and portfolio management.  The firm operates independently and is wholly owned by its partners – all of whom work within the firm.

At inception, the firm focused on the management of an unlisted, alternative investment funds, with other strategies selectively added as like-minded and accomplished talent were identified to meet broad market themes.


Makalani Management Company

The investment management teams have operated over many market cycles, across traditional and alternative asset classes, nationally and on a global frontier, and remain focused on investment performance and value-added services for our clients.

Their clients include institutional investors such as insurance companies, government and corporate pension funds, banks, trade unions and family offices. The company also have extensive experience of working with global investment consulting firms.

Makalani is a 100% black owned and managed firm, and is committed towards transformation of the South African financial services landscape.

Makalani conforms to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation and relevant charters. The firm is a Level 1 Contributor in terms of their contribution to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

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Makalani Management Company offers:

1. Mezzanine Fund I

This fund was incorporated as a public company in South Africa on 12 January 2005 after raising R2.5 billion of capital from institutional and private investors for investment.  The investment strategy focused on the funding of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transactions, and other targeted investments. The investment focus was predominantly in mezzanine funding instruments, on senior loans, and equity investments.

2. Mezzanine Fund II

Fund II held its first close receiving commitments from some of the largest institutional investors in Southern Africa. Fund II is expected to follow a similar investment strategy to its predecessor fund, and will consider investments with the following criteria:

• Participation in refinancing opportunities in existing Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and mezzanine structures, especially in circumstances where traditional lenders, such as banks, may find themselves constrained in providing mezzanine finance due to regulatory restrictions.

• Provide funding to existing BEE participants which demonstrate significant net asset value but lack funding to take advantage of further opportunities available to them. This funding could also be used to facilitate the exit of the traditional non-BEE investors that provided initial development finance to BEE participants. 

• Facilitate consolidation opportunities by providing BEE players with access to finance, which will enable them to acquire BEE assets from other existing BEE participants in existing structures. 

• Provide funding in traditional primary BEE and mezzanine opportunities.

• Provide mezzanine funding for enterprise growth and expansion.

3. Fixed Income

Makalani has established an experienced team to manage fixed income portfolios. They have developed a distinctive, collegiate process in managing fixed income portfolios, using their extensive experience of investing across the universe of available fixed income instruments, both domestically and internationally, and across all stages of the fixed income cycle.

Makalani believes that a pragmatic investment approach that adapts to changing market conditions should provide the opportunity for the fund manager to enhance portfolio returns over a long-term investment horizon and across different market cycles.

They have:

• Experienced team with over 60 years collective investment experience, making it one of the most experienced teams in the market place;

• Repeatable process across a variety of market conditions;

• Own in-depth, forward looking research and idea generation;

• Integrated risk management throughout the process at both the portfolio and security levels;

• Collegiate approach reflecting the team’s experience across domestic and international markets; and

• Execution strength through our flat, non-hierarchical structure.

4. Fiduciary Management

Their team has provided fiduciary management and customised solutions for institutional investors across the globe since 2001.  These solutions have ranged from global, diversified portfolios to more specialised co-investments and direct investments across traditional and alternative asset classes.

Some of these strategies include:

• Listed market securities and thematic portfolios;

• Hedge funds;

• Private equity;

• Infrastructure;

• Commodity and energy assets;

• Fixed income and alternative credit strategies;

• Real assets (such as timberland and farmland investing);

• Insurance linked securities;

• Socially responsible investment mandates; and

• Real estate.

Makalani also provide operational, accounting and legal expertise and support a variety of back office and business support functions as part of our fiduciary management services.

Their mission is to help institutions meet their investment objectives by providing them with independent, unbiased and conflict free, and transparent investment solutions and the operational support they need to manage their investments.

5. Financial Advisory Services

This provides differentiated strategic and tactical advice as well as unparalleled execution to financial sponsors, public and private companies across a broad range of industry sectors and geographies.  The multidisciplinary team with more than 60 years of experience and a proven track record helps clients identify and pursue strategic priorities, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and develop new ideas to achieve their goals.

As a leading independent firm, they are able to serve as a trusted advocate to clientele across disciplines including:

• Corporate finance;

• Mergers and acquisitions;

• Strategic shareholder and B-BBEE advisory;

• Capital markets and debt advisory;

• Africa market intelligence and consulting;

• Derivative structuring and hedging;

• Transaction advisory services;

• Financial restructuring;

• Independent valuations and reporting;

• Strategic consulting; and

• Real estate valuation and advisory services.


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