How to get Funding for a Startup in South Africa

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how to get funding for a startup in south africa

How to get funding for a startup in South Africa is a common question asked to us by entrepreneurs. DTC assists SMMEs through the bureaucracy of finding suitable funders as well as packaging of conforming applications. Entrepreneurs that wish to start a business require a solid base of resources and expertise during the developmental phase of the business. Startups use funds to cover marketing, growth, and operating expenses to launch the business in their designated sector. The amount and types of options on how to get funding for a startup in South Africa can be overwhelming, but this is our forte at DTC.

Dream Team Capital specialises in this and assists in managing and implementing the finance process for SMMEs, from start to finish. We possess South Africa’s largest network of finance partners, including venture capital companies, private equity firms, government non-repayable grant initiatives, banks, angel funds, crowd funds, Silicon Cape investment companies, and rent to own funding initiatives to assist startups.

The South African Government provides various non repayable grants to SMMES to help enter and grow within the main stream economy.

Some Government Grant and Funders include:

  • National Youth Development Agency (NYDA);
  • Youth Pipeline Development Programme;
  • Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA);
  • Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS);
  • Tourism Transformation Fund;
  • Isivande Women’s Fund; and the
  • Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).

Our funding network also includes:

Angel Investors:

These investors typically have a high net worth and invest their own personal funds into a business. They provide financial support, mentorship, and industry connections to the companies they invest in. Securing angel investment generally involves a lot of networking and presenting the business opportunity to the right audience.

Venture Capital:

A large amount of funding for small business startups come from venture capital firms. These organisations invest in early-stage and high-growth startups that show strong potential. Venture capital firms generally focus on specific industries and markets. In South Africa, venture capital funding is generally geared towards companies with a focus on technology. 

Incubators & Accelerators:

Incubators and accelerators provide small businesses with mentorship, office space, and other resources to help them grow and succeed. Some of these programs also provide funding to startups in exchange for equity.


Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a project or venture by obtaining small contributions from a large number of people. It is a form of alternative financing that has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing individuals, startups, and non-profit organisations (NPOs) to raise funds from a diverse group of individuals.

For professional assistance on packaging an application for funding or non-repayable grants for a startup – Contact DTC!

how to get funding for a startup in South Africa