Farmers Support Grant for the 2024/2025 Financial Year

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Through the Farmers Support Grant and the Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, substance, small holder, commercial, and organised farmers can obtain support for infrastructure, production inputs, and mechanism support services for the 2024/2025 financial year.

The Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (LDARD) aims to strategically mobilise, distribute and utilise resources equitably to achieve the Government objectives, through supporting the agricultural sector. The grant supports the vision of LDARD, for a united, prosperous and sustainable agricultural sector. The grant will assist the Province Department in achieving its mission of promoting economic growth and food security, through sustainable agricultural and entrepreneurship development.

The Department’s strategic goals include; an enabling service delivery environment, a sustainable agricultural natural resource base, improved agricultural production, safe and tradable animals and animal products, demand-led training and research programmes, a competitive agricultural sector, and a skilled and empowered farming community.

LDARD has identified and adopted twelve strategic programme priorities, in line with the overall priorities as contained in the revised Limpopo Growth and Development Strategy (LGDS) (2005) of the Limpopo provincial government.

The twelve priorities are:

  1. Restructuring of State Assets to empower farmers, communities and workers through Revitalisation of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes (RESIS), and projects under the Agricultural Rural Development Corporation (ARDC).
  2. Promotion and implementation of AgriBEE.
  3. Development and implementation of succession planning based on youth infusion in the agricultural sector.
  4. Promotion and development of appropriate research based production and value adding technologies for successful agri-businesses.
  5. Redistribution of agricultural land, capacitating beneficiaries and promoting sustainable commercial enterprises.
  6. Sustainable Graduating Poverty alleviation, household food security, and nutrition strategies.
  7. Promotion and establishment of reliable information and communication strategy through information technology for knowledge and information sharing.
  8. Formation of farmer based commodity associations and other agri-business entities for farmer support to ensure full participation in local economic development opportunities.
  9. Provision of appropriate advisory support to develop and strengthen capacity of commodity association and other farmer formations.
  10. Promotion of sustainable natural resource utilisation and agricultural land use management.
  11. Animal production and health to improve livestock and control animal diseases.
  12. Human Resource Development to increase knowledge and skills of motivated officials.

The department’s strategic support for the agricultural sector is participatory and demand driven. It is supported by four key service delivery approaches, namely:

  • Municipality focused;
  • Commodity based;
  • Value chain analysis;
  • Project based.‚Äč

Farmers Support Grant

For more information and assistance in accessing the Farmers Support Grant – Contact DTC