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Edge Growth is committed to job creation through the growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) since 2007 and has proven that a holistic, end-to-end approach to ESD is the only way to deliver measureable impact. Success requires removing any and all of the growth constraints facing SMEs – financial and non-financial.


Edge Growth

The ESD strategies guarantee the best possible results for both clients and beneficiary SMEs. Their experience in leading international consulting firms guides their approach to the development of ESD strategies and solutions for local corporates. The on-going investment in research, training and skills development ensures that they employ the most leading-edge evaluation tools and business development methodologies.

Their in-depth understanding of the B-BBEE Codes (including the sector charters) and ESD experience, enables them to maximise scorecard ratings whilst improving supply chain efficiencies. Recognised as thought leaders and subject experts, Edge Growth are editorial advisors to 3 annual ESD publications and receive an unmatched number of requests to speak at industry events.

The company works with transformation leaders to develop a business case and detailed plan for ESD to ensure buy-in and prioritisation on board agendas. Their detailed understanding of the different drivers of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development decision-making empowers them to address the needs of all 3 with a single, collaborative, cross-functional solution.

Edge’s Fund Management team can provide the critical growth finance needed to develop worthy SMEs into first class suppliers. Four distinct BDS programmes address the needs of SMEs as they experience them at different stages of the business lifecycle. They have their own base of black-owned suppliers as well as partnerships with supplier sourcing specialists, including B1SA, Shanduka Black Umbrellas and SASDC.

Strong relationships with government, industry bodies and big business enables the company to offer SMEs additional market access outside of the clients’ specific supply chain requirements. The programme implementation expertise and change management planning ensures that developed SMEs are integrated into the supply chain without disruption. Each solution undergoes rigorous due diligence for sustainability and social impact and stringent governance and accountability is maintained beyond implementation.


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Services offered by Edge Growth

1. Strategy & Advisory

This ensures that ESD supports clients’ overall business strategies and objectives whilst satisfying their scorecard requirements for all 3 subcategories of the ESD pillar. The strategy formulation process clarifies objectives, identifies opportunities for transformation, determines SME sourcing criteria, and maps out the path to success. Critical to the overall success of an ESD programme, the cost of upfront strategy and advisory is typically less than 1% of your total ESD budget.


  • enables informed decision-making
  • ensures that the right SMEs are sourced and selected
  • optimises SMEs’ growth with right mix of financial support and BDS
  • enables seamless and successful integration of SMEs into the supply chain
  • increases B-BBEE procurement spend
  • delivers efficient ESD points

Creating meaningful opportunities for ED and SD requires a detailed line-item by line-item spend review and prioritisation exercise. With PP being the primary lever to recover lost levels resulting from the revised Codes, targets must be set based on best practice and pragmatism whilst reducing reputational risk. These targets can only be achieved if a strategic approach is undertaken upfront by ESD experts with procurement and transformation experience.

Simultaneously we source and assess potential SME matches from internal and external databases and develop specific capacity-building plans to facilitate seamless supply chain integration.


2. SME Growth Support

The 4 proprietary programmes have been purpose-built to provide the right support at the right time.

Edge Growth recognises that different entrepreneurs have different support requirements at different stages of development and that these determine the type of Growth Support programme each requires. The 4 proprietary programmes have been purpose-built to provide the right support at the right time.


  • production efficiency is enhanced
  • quality of service delivery is improved
  • turnover is increased
  • business fundamentals are established
  • business is procurement-ready
  • increased contract volume is secured


3. Fund Management

Edge Growth can provide the financing SMEs need to support their growth. Edge Growth currently manages 3 funds and over half a billion Rands of investments for clients who want to own their ESD strategies but outsource the non-core activity of fund management.
Each ESD fund is governed by an experienced Board of Trustees, Investment Committee and specialist Fund Manager in order to ensure strategic, legal, financial and operational governance.

Edge Growth’s holistic approach to supply chain deal flow ensures that the most high-potential SMEs have access to the growth finance they need to scale their businesses.


  • diversified corporate client base
  • in-house database of suppliers who have been through business development
  • access to suppliers within corporate supply chains
  • relationships with industry bodies and other SME institutions
  • experience in getting suppliers investment read
  • customised best practice methodology and approach


4. Programme Management

Initiation and scoping
Ensures that the overall programme strategy, objectives, measurement and metrics align to the broader competitive context and strategic goals.

Assessment and selection
Aims to identify, assess and select high-growth potential SMEs for development. Due diligence ensures that only the highest calibre SMEs are selected.

SME Growth Support
The leading practice BDS approach unlocks value and growth in selected SMEs. Qualified BDS specialists provide hands on guidance and support in overcoming growth constraints and achieve growth targets.

Measurement and evaluation
Aims to assess the overall performance of the programme as well as the net growth of each SME.


  • enhanced due dilligence and pre-investment business development support
  • direct access to post-investment/ follow-on funding (incl. protection)
  • tailored growth strategy and growth implementation plan
  • business is procurement-ready and meets requirements at point of integration
  • industry networks and customer portfolio facilitate access to market


At DTC we understand the complexities of the various funding agencies and the unique application criteria for each. We have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs through the application process to access funding for businesses, and we can assist you with the same.

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