Business Loans / Finance & Grants – R50,000 to R250million

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Business loans / finance and accessing non-repayable business grants remain a challenge for most entrepreneurs…  Common misconceptions are that one needs collateral or owners contribution against business loans.  Government initiatives, that are here to stimulate our economy circumvent these historic funding requirements.

We’ve Identified The 5 top reasons Business Loans / Finance and Grants aren’t successful:

1.) A poor understanding of the funding process.

2.) Not understanding the requirements needed to access these funds.

3.) A poorly developed business plan and model.

4.) Risk & risk mitigation not strategically addressed, and;

5.) Financial projections that don’t conform to investment grading.

DTC Provides National Support in Accessing Business Loans / Finance and Grants:

Accessing small business funding shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming.  Dream Team Capital (DTC) offers our clients customised support to allow you to achieve their critical growth objectives.  Our support in raising venture capital extends to start-ups businesses, going-concern mergers and acquisitions or expansions of existing businesses.  We provide you with integrated parcels of specialised corporate advice to ensure you maintain or develop your competitive edge – assessing the options and then craft the business approach, helping you “take the next step”.

We assist you in accessing business loans / finance and business grants through our national and international network of funders.  Our funders include BB-BEE funding initiatives, venture capital companies, crowd funds, banks, private equity groups, government grants, Silicon Cape investment companies, rent-to-own finance companies and angel investors.  Our capital raising documents are industry perfected and are based on compelling market strategies and the financial clarity.

Our funding strategy process includes the following key elements and steps:

  •  A thorough development of all pertinent company documents, from business plans to supporting documents and tax compliance to sale agreements. This provides the benefit of review and analysis of your materials by funders.
  •  Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, business model, business market or industry and your offering terms. This provides you the opportunity to express your vision, goals and potential to an experienced, objective listener who can spot weaknesses you might miss.
  • An exchange of pertinent company documents for our analysis, review and inclusion into a preliminary due diligence binder. This gives you a readily accessible document repository that is very handy when talking to any investor or lender.
  • A detailed report of funders with recommended action plasn to get you on the best road to funding. This provides your company with a solid resource to assess your funding and/or grants, and guidelines in the application process.

It is essential that you enter the funding arena prepared in order to have the best chance of winning. A thorough funding strategy  is a proven way to minimise mistakes and maximize your chances of hearing “Yes!”.

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A fundable capital raising document starts with a thorough understanding how businesses compete for market share and maintains a positive cash flow.  Business loans are granted when the loan officer can justify the structure of your business model is so thoroughly developed that it has left no stone un-turned and is at the stage of implementation and ready to be funded.  Furthermore, they want you to resolve market share and cash flow issues before they become problems.  DTC helps define who you are, what you provide, your market need and ensures your business proposal is sound and achievable.


Business planning is an exercise in creative thinking and problem solving.

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Business Loans

Business Loans